Second Generation

5. Henry LEONARD Jr.2 was born on 14 June 1658 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. He died before July 1726 at the age of 68 in Cape May, NJ. George Marston Leonard's charts don't show a second Henry being born.

14 Feb 1678-9: Charter for a Whalefishing Company consisting of Joseph Huet (later spelled Hewitt), Thomas Ingram, Richard Davis, Isaac Bennet, Randal Huet, Thomas Huet, Henry Leonard, Samuel Leonard, John Whitlock, John Crafford, Thomas Applegate, and Charles Dennis (NJ Colonial Documents, p. 42).

By 1698 he was living with his wife at Cape May. He was one of the 35 "Whaler Yeoman Families" who settled Cape May and dominated county affairs for the next two or three generations.

Bill Barton: "Henry Leonard, Jr., born 14 June 1658, married Hannah Johnson Holden, died before July 1726. Hannah was the widow of Joseph Holden whom she had married 11 Oct. 1690 in Cape May Co. (H. Stanley Craig & Julius Way, Cape May County, New Jersey, Marriage Records (1931), 8.) She was a daughter of William & Elizabeth (Tuthill) Johnson of Elizabethtown, NJ. Hannah filed an affidavit 29 Jan. 1697/8 at Cape May concerning her father's will and why it was not proved earlier, her father having died 14 May 1687 (G:18). Hannah married (3) Ephraim Allen July or Aug. 1726. She died ca. Dec. 1728.

It would appear that Henry removed to Monmouth Co., New Jersey ca. 1674 with the rest of his father's family but just how long he remained there is a good question. By 29 Jan. 1697/8 he was in Cape May Co., NJ, where Hannah, wife of Henry Leonard of Cape May, daughter of William Johnson and formerly wife of Joseph Holden, filed the above affidavit.

On 12 Aug. 1686 at a Meeting & Council of the Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey, Henry Leonard, Junior, was granted "200 acres of land upon the Hope River adjoining John Johnston's land as he and the said Johnston can agree being to complete the full complement of the said Henry Leonard's land, his father's and brethren." [275]

The 8:8:1687 Account of Debts Due on ye Book at Tinton Iron Works showed 1:3:3 due Henry Leonard, Jnr. [276]

On 12 June 1688 at New Perth Henry Leonard petitioned the Council of Proprietors "for 200 acres of land in Monmouth County, one hundred and twenty acres in his own right, and 80 acres in right of his father, for which he has paid the proprietors quit rents for sundry years" It was ordered the Mr. John Reid, the Surveyor, go along with the petitioner to see the land for which he petitions, and make a report there against the next council." [277]

On 4 Oct. 1695 Henry patented 70 acres in Monmouth Co. (E:456).[278] Note that some of the above land transactions may apply to his nephew Henry Leonard (see ¶1.a. above) and vice versa.

In 1700 Henry held title to 150 acres on the seaside in Middle Twp., Cape May Co. His was one of the 35 Whaler Yeoman Families who had settled Cape May and dominated county affairs for the next two or three generations. [279]

On 29 Dec. 1714 Henry & Hannah Leonard witnessed the will of John Reaves of Cape May. Henry reported he was 56 years old. [280]

On 11 Sept. 1715 henry Lenard and hanah Lenard signed with their respective "H" and "X" marks as witnesses in Cape May to the Marriage of Benjamin Holden and Margaret Gareson.[281]

In her 23 May 1720 will Sarah (Leonard) Thompson of Salem Co., NJ, named her "kinsman Henry Leonard of Cape May" (see ¶4. below).

On 5:25:1726 Hannah Lennard was received on certificate from Cape May and Egg Harbor monthly meeting. [282]"

Son John's will (1771, written in Cape May) names his brothers Henry and Samuel in the Carolinas, as will as his sister Sarah Robinson (wife of John Robinson), also in the Carolinas. The will also mentions "my brother Samuel's daughter Jane brother Henry's four sister Sarah Robinson's cousin (nephew?) Samuel's son cousin (nephew?) Henry's son John."

Henry LEONARD Jr. and Hannah JOHNSON were married about 1698 in Cape May, NJ. Hannah JOHNSON, daughter of William JOHNSON and Elizabeth TUTHILL, died in December 1728 in Cape May, NJ. She was born in Elizabethtown, NJ. She had two children by Joseph Holden: Joseph Jr. and Benjamin.

Henry LEONARD Jr. and Hannah JOHNSON had the following children:






John LEONARD8 was born about 1700 in Cape May, NJ. He died before 24 October 1771 at the age of 71 in Cape May, NJ. John Leonard, probably this one, appointed colonel of militia in Aug 1747, mentioned as justice of Cape May Co. in Dec 1770.

Will of John Leonard of Cape May County dtd. 10 Feb 1771, proved 24 Oct 1771. Wife Anne. Brothers Henry and Samuel. Cousins in Carolina: Samuel, John, Henry, and Jacob Leonard and John Robinson. Sister Sarah Robinson. Brother Samuel's daughter Jane Ludlam. Executor: wife Anne.

From his will, it appears he had no children, at least no children alive in 1771. He may have had a son, Henry, who died in 1760 in North Carolina and who willed his property to John.

Check: He had Leonard cousins in Carolina: Samuel, John, Henry, and Jacob, according to his will. Did he mean nieces and nephews rather than cousins?