Third Generation

22. Henry LEONARD23 was born in 1702 in Cape May, NJ. He died after 1771 at the age of 69 in Cape May, NJ. Check: We know from his brother John's will that he was alive in 1771 and that they had four daughters. His son, Henry, predeceased him in 1759 or 1760. His father died in 1726.

Henry received land in North Carolina from the Royal Governors:

Patent Book 2 No. 970, p. 157 23 May 1757. To Joseph Hewitt and Henry Leonard 190 acres in New Hanover on the sound, adjoining Roger Moore, the marsh, Symmons Br., the path and the said sound.

Patent Book 15, No. 5014, p. 177, 27 Sep 1756, to Henry Leonard 100 acres in New Hanover opposite Lockwoods Folly Inlet joining the water...and the easternmost of three little hammocks.

Patent Book 15, No 5027, p. 181, 27 Sep 1756, to Henry Leonard 300 acres in New Hanover between Benj. Holden & Mr. Quince, between Bacon's Inlet & Lockwoods Folly Inlet joining a swamp & a branch of Stanley's Creek.

Patent Book 20, No 3353, p. 719, 22 Nov 1771, to Henry Leonard 170 acres on the Northeast side of Little Shallote, joining the creek below the forks, the edge of the dry ground, Jno Daniel's supposed line, richard Quince, an open pond, a savannah, & Shallote River or Creek below the land bluff.

Patent Book 23, No 6982, 22 Dec 1768, to Henry Leonard 200 acres on the Royal Oak Br., a br. of Lockwood Folly, joining Walsen's corner.

Other land transactions:

A-158, 8 Jan 1758, Reuben Hewitt & Ezekiel Simpkins, yeomen of New Hanover to Joseph Hewitt & Henry Leonard, Jr., yeomen of New Hanover, 161 pounds for ___ acres beginning at the Southside of Joseph Hewitt's land, a corner tree standing by the sound side, a run near Holden's line, west to Joseph Hewitt & Henry Leonard, Sr.'s line. Witnessed by Samuel Leonard, Ebenezer Hewitt.

A-157, 7 Feb 1767, Joseph & Hannah Hewitt to Henry Leonard. ____ acres running up the sound to the Northeast br. of Shallot, northeast side Red Landing Run; part of a tract purchased from Wm. Boone. Withnesses: Jno Ludlam, Benj. Holden.. (Anne Hewett was Henry's daughter)

A-183, 29 Oct 1772. Last will & testament of Henry Leonard. To his wife Hannah, his grandson Job Holden, to his grandsons Henry & Jno Willets, sons of Saml Willets, ___ acres of land beginning at Jno Dement's line to the mount of a run & running along the sound, along Boone's line to Stephen Daniel's corner, on the southside of Gallaway Swamp. To his grandson Crauford Ludlam ____ acres of land beginning at Jno Dement's line, running along Little Shallotte River to Stephen Daniel's line in the southside of Galloway Swamp. Names daughters Rachel, Ann Willets, Ruth & Lydia Hewett. Witnesses: Jno, Chas, & Mary Dements, Hill Hewett (will proved 1774).

Will in 1771 names his 4 daughters and several grandchildren. Grandchildren Job Holden and Crawford Ludlam

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Henry LEONARD and Hannah had the following children:



Henry LEONARD was born about 1730. He died before 4 October 1760 at the age of 30 in New Hanover Co., NC. Will of Henry Leonard, Jr., of Cape May Co., also of the County of New Hanover, NC, dtd. 11 Apr 1759, proved 4 Oct 1760. Henry left all his lands both at Cape May and in NC to his father. No executor named.

So Henry wouldn't have been mentioned in his uncle John's will. John died in 1771, Henry in 1759 or 1760.



Rachel LEONARD was born (date unknown).












Abigail LEONARD.