Second Generation

9. Capt. John LEONARD10 was born in 1670 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. He died in 1712 at the age of 42 in Monmouth Co., NJ. Was he born in ca. 1661? His mother would have been about 50 by 1670. Or was she born later?

4 Nov 1687. Patent to John Leonard of Middletown for 194 acres in Monmouth County, S. and S.E. Lewis Morris, Sr., also N. and N.W., W., and S.W. unsurveyed land; also 6 acres of meadow at the N.W. corner of the first. (New Jersey Colonial Documents, p. 106)

Christopher Almy's will named his "daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Leonard of Henry and Mary." John Leonard's will, proved 2 May 1712, named his wife, Elizabeth, and children John (the oldest), Henry, Samuel, Christopher, Sarah, Ann, and stepson Lewis Morris. His wife was executrix of his will, but cousin Henry was empowered to dispose of real estate. Witnesses to will: William Lippincott, Francis Borden, Sarah Powell.

He was captain of the sloop, "Dolphin," sailing out of Perth Amboy to Rhode Island and other coastal points.

In Nov 1687 S.E. Morris, Sr. sold land to John Leonard of Middletown, Monmouth Co. A few years later, John Leonard married Elizabeth Almy Morris, widow of Lewis Morris in Monmouth Co, per records of the First Church of Morristown, NJ.

Bill Barton: "Capt. JOHN LEONARD, born 1670 in Massachusetts Bay colony,[Clarence Torrey, New England Marriages prior to 1700, (1985), p. 401)] married ELIZABETH (ALMY) MORRIS, died between 28 Feb. 1711/12 and 27 Mar. 1712 in Spottswood, Monmouth Co. Elizabeth was born 29 Sept. 1663 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, daughter of Christopher & Elizabeth (Cornell) Almy, died 12 Jan. 1714/5. Christopher lived on an estate at the East end of the neck of land between the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers, later the property of his son-in-law Lewis Morris. Christopher Almy was engaged in coastal shipping.[Genealogies of New Jersey Families from the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey" (1996), 2:273] Elizabeth married (1) by Apr. 1679 Lewis Morris, son of Capt. Thomas & Sarah Morris. Lewis Morris of Passage Point, Shrewsbury was born ca. 1655, was killed by one of his Negroes in 1694/5.[John E. Stillwell, Historical & Genealogical Miscellany, Data Relating to the Settlement & Settlers of New York and New Jersey (1916), 4:25 & 35-36] Elizabeth died in 1712 in Shrewsbury. [Abstracts of Wills, 1670-1730, New Jersey Archives, 1st series, 33:290] Note that in her 2 Feb. 1732/3 account Hannah Deane stated that John married A. Almy (originally). ["Brief Memoirs of the Notices of Prince's Subscribers," NEHGS Register, 1953, 7:72]

On 20 May 1699 John Leonard of Shrewsbury conveyed to Benjamin Cook of Middletown 60 acres on the north side of the Manasquan River (near Freehold, wsw of Shrewsbury).

On 5d 10m 1700, a John Leonard was a witness to the Quaker marriage of Joseph Wing and Ann Lippincott, both of Shrewsbury, at the house of John Lippincott. On 17 d 8m 1701 a John Leonard was a witness to a Quaker marriage of Joseph Lippincott and Elizabeth White, both of Shrewsbury, at a public meeting of the Friends [Stillwell, (1903), 1:251-2]

In 1710 John Leonard, Esq., bought from his stepson Lewis Morris for £600 Passage Point. This land had originally belonged to Christopher Almy. [Stillwell (1916) 4:38-39]

On 28 Feb. 1711/12 John Lenard wrote his will: do Empower my Cousin Henry lenard of the county of Monmouth present thereof, to sell so much of my lands and personal Estate as is sufficient to pay the debt which I owe to my wife's son Lewis Mores and ? the remainder of my Lands and real estate to my four sons John, Henry, Samuel and Christopher and their heirs to be Equally divided excepting only that the said John shall have the first choice and twenty pounds worth of the said land more than any of the other three sons one Heifer; to my two daughters sarah and ann to each one Bed and one Heifer and all the rest of my goods chattels and personal Estate to my loving wife Elizabeth whom I appoint my whole and only executrix. Will proven 2 May 1712.

John lenard [his mark]


William Lippincott

francis Borden

Sarah Powell[159]

An inventory of John Leonard's personal estate (£100.1.4) was made 27 Mar. 1712 by Richard Chambers and Cornelius Lane. The will was proved 2 May 1712 (I:348)."

Bill was probably mistaken in thinking this was the John killed by Wequalia. John, son of Henry, married Elizabeth Almy and died in 1712. John, son of Samuel, married Margaret and was killed by Wequalia in 1727.

Capt. John LEONARD and Elizabeth ALMY were married about 1696 in Monmouth Co., NJ. Elizabeth ALMY, daughter of Christopher ALMY and Elizabeth CORNELL, was born on 29 September 1663 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. She died on 12 January 1715 at the age of 51 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ. Elizabeth was born in Rhode Island. Her father, Christopher, was engaged in coastal shipping. Christopher and family lived on an estate, Passage Point, at the east end of the neck of land between the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers, later the property of his son-in-law, Lewis Morris. Elizabeth married Lewis by April 1679. Lewis was killed by one of his Negroes in 1694/5.

Capt. John LEONARD and Elizabeth ALMY had the following children:









Christopher LEONARD was born in Monmouth Co., NJ. He's mentioned in his uncle Nathaniel's will, written in sep 1727 in Trenton and proved 9 Dec 1727. He was probably named after his grandfather, Christopher Almy.



Sarah LEONARD was born about 1710 in Monmouth Co., NJ.



Ann LEONARD was born in Monmouth Co., NJ.