Third Generation

39. Samuel LEONARD24 was born about 1698 in Monmouth, Co., NJ. Or about 1705? He was buried on 23 October 1742 in Christ Church, Shrewsbury twp., Monmouth Co., NJ. He died after 1742 at the age of 44 in NJ. Will of Samuel Leonard of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., dtd 14 Nov 1742, proved 16 Feb 1742/3. Inventory 30 Dec 1742.

Will mentions his wife, Elizabeth, sons Joseph and Thomas, an unborn child, and daughters (not named). Lands at Black River and in Burlington Co. to sons. Unborn child, if a son, each of his brothers to pay him 100 pounds. Residue of estate to wife and daughters. The will was witnessed by John and Joseph Wardell, who were Quakers. The 1733 will of Joseph Wardell of Shrewsbury names daughter Elizabeth Leonard. In addition, Samuel Leonard witnessed the will of Eliakim Wardell in 1737.

The names of the daughters might be discerned from the 1754 will of Mary Leonard, spinster of Shrewsbury, which names her brother Joseph Leonard, sister Joannah Parker, and elder sister Sarah, wife of Thomas Brinley, inventory of the estate was made by John Wardell. This points to these siblings being the children of Samuel Leonard and Elizabeth Wardell (per Sally Toomey).

Check additional sources to be sure that this is the Samuel that is the son of John Leonard and Elizabeth Almy. Sally Toomey, by process of elimination and by the evidence available, posits that this Samuel married twice and is this son. His father appears to have been a Quaker. This is likely to have been the Quaker branch of the family, although Joseph may have been a convert to the Church of England when he joined his uncle's church in Shrewsbury.

Bill Barton has this Samuel confused with the Samuel, son of Henry3, Samuel2, Henry1, who died 13 May 1790.

Samuel LEONARD and Elizabeth WARDELL were married about 1720 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Elizabeth WARDELL, daughter of Joseph WARDELL and Sarah BONNELL, died in 1756 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Her father was a justice of the Court in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ, in 1716. His will was dated or probated in 1733.

Samuel LEONARD and Elizabeth WARDELL had the following children:






Thomas LEONARD was born about 1724 in Shrewsbury twp., Monmouth Co., NJ. He died after 1742 at the age of 18.






Mary LEONARD was born about 1728 in Monmouth Co., NJ. She died about 1754 at the age of 26 in Shrewsbury twp, Monmouth Co., New Jersey.



Joannah LEONARD.