Fourth Generation

12. Nils ANDERSSON was born on 19 September 1772 in Jällnäs, Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.44 He died on 17 May 1816 at the age of 43 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.45 He was buried on 26 May 1816. At the time of their marriage, Nils and Anna lived at Ruus in Långered parish. Nils was a farm hand (dräng). He was 30 (indistinct and hard to decipher) at the time of their marriage, while Anna was 23. Nils is listed as being born in 1771 in the Household Examination books AI:3 (1783-1798), AI:4 (1798-1812) and A:5 (1812-1833).

Their marriage was listed in the parish marriage register for Lena. At that time, apparently the minister was responsible for several parishes, including Långered, Fullestad, Bergstena, and Lena. There are separate church books for each of the parishes as well, although the marriages are not in them.

Nils' parents are listed in the marriage record as Anders Nilsson and Kjerstin Pehrsdotter. Actually, Kjerstin was Anders' second wife; Nils' mother was Margareta Larsdotter.

There was no Anders Nilsson living at Ruus in the Household Examination books of that period. The family moved to Ruus, Långared Parish, from Östad Parish about 20 miles southwest on the other side of Alingsås.

The main person listed at Ruus is Pehr Andersson, b. 15 August 1752. He may have been born in Loo. His wife was Maria Persdotter, born in 1759 (indistinct) in Östad (indistinct) Soken and died 20 January 1823 of old age. Pehr predeceased her. They had two sons, Anders b. 21 June 1782 and Nils b. January 10, 1784, and one daughter, Anna, born 9 March 1786. A farm hand named Anders Andersson, born in 1766, was there, but moved to Stora Lo. There was also a servant girl named Kjerstin Jacobsdotter, born in 17?? (perhaps 13 May 1758, dau. of Jacob Olsson?), who moved, but where is not indicated. In the 1798-1812 period there was an Anders listed as being born 26 June 1751 (year indistinct) and as "Br" (brother?). This information is in the Household Examination books AI:3 (1783-1798), AI:4 (1798-1812) and A:5 (1812-1833).

The Pehr Andersson b. 15 August 1752 had as parents Anders Arvidsson and Anna Hansdotter. Having the same parents and therefore presumably his brother was Nils Andersson, who was a "bonde barn" from Stora Loo. But I can't find any of the family at Stora Loo.

Nils died of tuberculosis. He was 43 years, 4 months, 2 days old, according to the record (GID: 778.11.11800). That would seem to support a January 1773 date of birth, but he is the Nils Andersson born 19 September 1772 in Östad Parish.

Reference: Edlund: Born 1772-09-19 in Jällnäs Bergsgård, Östad (P).
Married 1802-03-25 in Långared (P) to the following ancestor.
Födelsenotis: Östad C:4 (1753-1861) Bild 24 (AID: v15836.b24, NAD: SE/GLA/13681)
Se Rus: Långared AI:4 (1798-1812) Bild 12 / sid 7 (AID: v44132.b12.s7, NAD: SE/GLA/13350).
Vigselnotis: Lena E:3 (1762-1850) Bild 33 (AID: v55446.b33, NAD: SE/GLA/13324). Anna DANIELSDOTTER and Nils ANDERSSON were married on 25 March 1802 in Russ, Långered, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.46

13. Anna DANIELSDOTTER was born on 20 October 1779 in Holmängen, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.47 She died on 8 August 1825 at the age of 45 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.48 She was buried on 11 August 1825 in Ruus, Forste Rote, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.49 Anna was 23 at the time of her marriage. Anna or Annika? Tage Svantesson has Annika, but I read Anna in the records. Her parents were living at Holmängen, Förste Rote, Långered, when she was married. It's next to Ruus, where Nils was living. She was 45 years, 9 months, 18 days old when she died. She was a housewife from Ruus and died of pneumonia.

Children were:


Maria "Maja" NILSDOTTER was born on 8 April 1803 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50 She died in 1829 at the age of 26 in Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.51


Katarina NILSDOTTER was born in 1804 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50 She died in 1806 at the age of 2 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50


Katrina ANDERSSON was born on 3 May 1807 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden. Reference: Edlund: Born 1807-05-03 in Rus, Långared (P).





Anders NILSSON was born on 12 February 1812 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50


Anna NILSDOTTER was born on 28 June 1814 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50 She died in 1884 at the age of 70 in Hössna, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.


Christina NILSDOTTER was born in 1816 in Ruus, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.50