Fifth Generation

24. Anders NILSSON was born in 1738 in Hjällnäs Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.74 He died on 19 August 1803 at the age of 65 in Ruus, Forste Rote, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.75 Anders Nilsson married twice. His first wife, Margareta Larsdotter, died 20 December 1778 (GID: 715.16.25400). He remarried on 31 October 1778 to Kjerstin Persdotter from Brobäcka in Östad Parish. (GID: 715.16.25700) At the time of their son Nils' marriage, they were living at Ruus, Långered Parish, Älvsborgs län.

They moved to Ruus, Långared Parish, in 1782 from Östad Parish. Anders and Kjerstin are mentioned in the Ruus Household Examination records GID: 694.7.20200 (1773-1783), GID: 694.8.23300 (1783-1798) and GID: 694:9.33900 (1798-1812). There are notations as to their birthdates and deaths (Kjerstin's is hard to read and may be 1758 rather than 1756. There was Jonas Pehrsson, b. 1765, living with them who may have been a brother of Kjerstin's. He is crossed out in the 1783-1798 record, meaning he migrated elsewhere or died.

Anders was 65 when he died. Cause of death was given as pneumonia. He was a widower from Ruus. (Death Record: GID: 778.11.10700)

Check to see if Anders was the son of Nils Persson, m. 1733, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden, d. 1749, same, married to Ingeborg Andersdotter, d. 1773, Långared, Älvsborgs län, Sweden. Margareta LARSDOTTER and Anders NILSSON were married on 2 January 1763 in Berget, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.76

25. Margareta LARSDOTTER was born on 27 September 1738 in Brobäcka, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.77 She died on 20 December 1778 at the age of 40 in Hjällnäs Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.78 Record is very close to completely illegible. Father was a soldier. Parents were from Brobacka, Östad parish.

The record of her death includes her age as 40 years, 2 months. It appears she actually died in Bernared (sp?), which is in parentheses.

Reference: Edlund: Born 1738-09-27 in Östad (P).
Died 1778-12-20 in Jällnäs Bergsgård, Östad (P).
Födelsenotis: Östad C:3 (1736-1758) Bild 12 / sid 13 (AID: v15835.b12.s13, NAD: SE/GLA/13681)
Dödsnotis: Östad C:4 (1753-1861) Bild 153 (AID: v15836.b153, NAD: SE/GLA/13681)
(See 4:25).

Children were:





Karin ANDERSDOTTER was born on 13 October 1766 in Hjällnäs Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.79 Or was she born in Hjällnäs Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden? (715. 17.40300)


Katrina ANDERSDOTTER was born on 2 November 1769 in Hjällnäs Bergsgården, Östad Parish, Älvsborgs län, Sweden.80