Seventh Generation

1421. Chester Phoenix LEONARD was born on 7 September 1818 in NY. He died about 1859 at the age of 41 in Wisconsin. According to a descendant, Leona Leonard DeKeyser, Chester and Sarah moved to Milwaukee, WI, before 1848. They later lived in Racine, WI, and was a shoemaker. They had six known children. Chester died in 1859, and all of his daughters were placed with other families, and not much is known about most of them. Sarah and Ella married brothers with the last name of Brunnell.

Chester's parents were not Addison and Elizabeth Leonard.

Chester Phoenix LEONARD and Sarah Esther "Sally" ATWOOD were married about 1847. Sarah Esther "Sally" ATWOOD, daughter of Daniel ATWOOD and Sarah , was born (date unknown). The 1860 Census shows a Sarah Sconard (bad transcription -- name is clearly Leonard), 26, living with Philo Millard and family, along with a George Atwood. Chester died in 1859. Philo Millard became her second husband. George Atwood was her brother. Only her son George was living with her -- the five daughters were put out to other families.-

Chester Phoenix LEONARD and Sarah Esther "Sally" ATWOOD had the following children:



Sarah Sofronia LEONARD.



George Herman LEONARD.



Amy LEONARD was born (date unknown).



Josephine LEONARD was born (date unknown).



Nettie LEONARD was born (date unknown).



Ella Delphine LEONARD.