Fourth Generation

98. Capt. Henry LEONARD was born about 1724 in Cape May, NJ. He died after 1784 at the age of 60 in Rowan Co., NC. He was in the French and Indian War. He enlisted 29 May 1754. He was at "Wills Creek" July 1754 and was in the "Battle of the Meadows" 1754. He was captured in 1755 at North River (around the Holstein River), but escaped. Jacob, John, and Adam Leonard were in Augusta Co., VA, in the French and Indian War -- possibly related to each other.

They had a son Jonas Leonard, b. 1765, Rowan Co., NC, d. abt. 1837 in Spartansburg, SC, m Sarah Lanford 1771-1855.

Check: There are a number of family genealogies that have a Charles Leonard b. 1790 as a son of Capt. Henry Leonard and Elizabeth Hogg. Capt. Henry died in 1770. He may have been married twice. Other children may have included Margaret, Elinor, and Nancy.

Records of early Leonards in North Carolina: (from Sally Toomey's excellent research).

There also were a John Leonard and a Joseph Leonard who were Rowan County taxpaers in 1768.

There may have been an intervening generation of Henrys after Henry Jr.

Children of Capt. Henry, except for Jacob, from Leonard-Rupe-Stephenson genealogy.

Tax lists for Chowan County (on Arbermarle Sound) John Leonard 1721. Record of land grant of 301 acres to John Leonard in Bertie Precinct.

Land patents to John and Thomas Leonard on 6 April 1753 in Anson County on the Catawba River. Anson county is inland, not on the coast.

In 1754 Theophilus Leonard is listed on an early tax list for Pasquotank County. Theophilus executed a will in 1764. A deed for the sale of land in Pasquotank County in 1760 names Theophilus Leonard and Ann Leonard, his wife. Leonards (likely the descendants of John and Theophilus) remained in this part of the state until well into the 1800's. Benjamin and James are mentioned on later tax lists and census reports in Pasquotank County. James Leonard married Sarah Clark on 27 Feb 1760 in Chowan County. Would this be the area where Thomas Leonard d. 1759 willed land to his nephew, John Leonard?

"In the 1750's and 1760's, there are three clusters of Leonards in North Carolina: John and the northeastern counties, and one seemingly prominent family in New Hanover and Brunswick counties (on the southern Atlantic coast of NC, including the city of Wilmington). The others are spread throughout central North Carolina covering the region from Fayetteville and Raleigh-Durham westward to Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte. The region was Anson and Rowan Counties in the 1760's, but was divided into many smaller counties by 1790, to include Iredell, Davidson, Cabbaras, and others in which we find Leonard records." (Sally Toomey)

The Wilmington Leonards: Records may state Wilmington District when the events took place place in regions that were later Bladen or Cumberland county, further west of Wilmington. Brunswick County was formed from New Hanover and Bladen Counties in 1764, and records reflect that change.

NC Revolutionary Army Accounts include entries for James, Henry, and Samuel Leonard from the Wilmington District. DAR lists Maj. Samuel Leonard, b. unk.,d. abt. 1811 and Capt. Jacob Leonard, b. 1747 NC, d. 11 Sep. 1790, m. Eleanor Miller. Samuel, Jacob, and Henry were on early tax lists between 1762-1772.

Jacob Leonard was born abt. 1747 and died 1790. He married Eleanor Miller on 16 Jun 1765 in Wilmington and was an officer in the NC militia. "Jacob Leonard, fourth Captain, Lockwoods Folly." He apparently rose to Colonel before his death in 1790. On 2 Nov 1790 there is a call for an election in Brunswick Co., "to supply the place of Jacob Leonard, who is dead..." His wife Eleanor Leonard is listed as head of household in the 1790 census with 3 males over 16, one under sixteen, five females, and 10 slaves.

Thomas Leonard was a member of the NC General Assembly from Brunswick Co. 1803-1811. In 1811, Jacob W. Leonard first served in the NC House of Commons in 1811 and again 1824-25 and was a State Senator in 1814-15, 1817-18, and 1821. He was in the House again 1826-27 and a state senator 1828-29. After that, Benjamin Leonard appears as a member of the House in 1830 and 1833.

Wilmington newspapers: "Lt. James T. Leonard of the Navy is appointed to be the bearer of dispatches from this government to France is to sail without delay." dtd Tuesday, 7 Feb 1804. James is in 1820 Census for New Hanover Co. According to the National Archives, the dispatches that Lt. James K. Leonard was taking to France without delay in 1804 were documents and cash payment for the U.S. purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon.

Charles Leonard may have been the son of Jacob, son of Capt. Henry. That's the way Margaret Bacon has it. Jacob married Elizabeth Simon, according to her, and their son was Thomas Simon Leonard, who removed to Tate Co., MS.

Rowan County Court Book #3 lists 15 Nov 1770, page 232: "Letters of Amn..granted Elizabeth Leonard wife and relict of Henry Leonard dec'd..." Same boo, p. 249 lists 15 Feb 1771: "Inventory of the estate of Henry Leonard dec'd was redun by admn. in amount of 45 13.8." Was this Henry's father or Henry who was deceased?

Capt. Henry LEONARD and Elizabeth HOGG were married before 1755 in North Carolina. Elizabeth HOGG, daughter of Peter HOGG, was born about 1730 in Scotland.

Capt. Henry LEONARD and Elizabeth HOGG had the following children:



Henry LEONARD Sr..



Margaret LEONARD.












Elizabeth LEONARD.