Third Generation

26. Judge John THOCKMORTON was born on 10 August 1688 in MIddletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. He died on 31 October 1741 at the age of 53 in MIddletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. Judge John Throckmorton, born 10 Aug. 1688 in Middletown, married (1) Mary Stillwell ca. 1712, married (2) Abigail Hicks Tallman 12 (8?) Oct. 1740 by Mr. Miln, died 31 Oct. 1741, age 53 years, 2 months, 21 days, buried in Shrewsbury. Mary was born ca. 1690, died 3 (5?) Feb. 1738/9, about 49 years of age. Mary was a daughter of Capt. Jeremiah & Sophia Stillwell. Both John and Mary were buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. Abigail Hicks was the widow of James Tallman, whom she had married 8 br, 27, 1712 when both were residents of Long Island.

At the 28 May 1706 Court of General Quarter Sessions held at Shrewsbury Mary Daniel on oath said that John Throckmorton was the father of her bastard child and 'Nobody Else.' John and Job Throckmorton as surety, in the sum of £50, agree to maintain the child and keep harmless the town of Freehold.

On 21 Jan. 1718 John Throckmorton bought 100 acres of land in the Eastern Division of New Jersey for 10 lb. current silver money. Also in 1718 John & Mary Throckmorton of Shrewsbury conveyed land to Peter Tilton. In 1722, 1728 and 1738 John was a Justice in Monmouth Co.

John was Colonel of the Militia of the Province of Monmouth Co. in 1735 and 1739. On 18 Apr. 1740 he was appointed to take names of persons willing to enlist in His Majesties name to take service. In 1738 he was vestry-man at Christ Church, Shrewsbury and was named in the charter granted 3 June of that year by Gov. Burnet for King George II.

Apparently John & Mary employed servants. Advertisements in The American Weekly Mercury for June 11-18, 1724 and Sept. 8-15, 1726 contained advertisements by John Throckmorton of Shrewsbury offering rewards for return of run-away servants. The latter involved a watch-maker by trade. "Whoever shall take up the said Servant and secure him, and give notice to the Printer hereof, or to Nathaniel Leonard Esq. At Trent Town, so as his Master may have him again, shall have Forty-Shillings if taken in New Jersey, but if out of the Jerseys Three Pounds Reward and Reasonable Charges paid by me." [Newspaper extracts, 1704-1739, 1:111, in William Nelson, ed., New Jersey Colonial Documents, vol XI]

In his will written 12 Oct. 1741 and proved 11 Nov. of the same year (C:461), Judge John Throckmorton of Shrewsbury, yeoman and sick, bequeathed:

- To his wife Abigail £50.

- To his mother Sarah Throckmorton £10 per annum.

- To sons Job and Joseph his land in Shrewsbury.

- To son Job, the farm on which I now live in Shrewsbury including the farm I purchased of John Williams, a meadow laying to the southwest of Wintopock bog purchased by my father of Nathan Leonard, etc., with Job paying his two brothers Samuel and James the sum of £600.

- To son John approximately 600 acres of land in Middlesex Co. he had purchased from Robt Lueting and William Bradford of New York.

- To son Joseph the remainder of his lots of land and meadows in Shrewsbury. Joseph to pay son James £100 when he (James) becomes 21.

- To sons Job & Joseph his lands at Colt?s Neck which my father bought of Nathaniel Leonard[315]

- To daughter Mary Leonard £100.

- To son James £100 when he 21.

- To daughter Sarah £250 when she 18.

- To daughter Elizabeth £250 when she 18.

John appointed his brothers Joseph & Job Throckmorton and Thomas Morford to be his Executors.

Witnesses to the will were parthenay Cook, Wm Nichols and Richd Salter.

The inventory of the estate of John Throckmorton, Esq., late of Shrewsbury, dec'd, taken 10 Nov. 1741 by John Campbell, Jonathan Forman and Jno. Forman amounted to £1,259-3-7. It was filed 16 Mar. 1742/3. The inventory included sword, 4 negroes (£180), 92 head of cattle, 13 horses, 35 sheep, 32 hogs, 3 guns etc. (per Bill Barton)

Judge John THOCKMORTON and Mary STILLWELL were married about 1715. Mary STILLWELL was born in 1690. She died on 5 February 1739 at the age of 49.

Judge John THOCKMORTON and Mary STILLWELL had the following children: