Second Generation

2. John REDCHESTER was born (date unknown). He was a scissorsmith (also listed as shearman). Parish Register of Sheffield, Volune VI - 1720 to 1736 - lists the death of Sarah Stubbin Redchester and marriage of John Ribchester, sheresmith, and Mary Fisher in 1736. Several of the children are listed as those of John Redchester, shearsmith. The suspicion is that John Redchester and John Ribchester are the same person, and that prior to the 1730's, the name was spelled Ribchester. There were a number (60) of Ribchesters in the Clayton with Frickley, Howden, Kirk Ella, and Pontefract, Yorkshire, parish registers in the 1600's and 1700's ( James, William, Thomas, Henry, Charles, Martin more common male names. There seem to have been a lot (162) of Ribchesters in Lancashire. The records all appear to be between 1550 and 1750.

OneWorldTree lists the father of John Redchester as John Ribchester, born 1650 in Dillworth, Lancashire, ancestor of the Cam family, but source is undocumented.

There is much confusion about who was the son of whom and how they fit into the family in these early records. First two generations are best guesses, based on available information.

Circumstantial evidence here as to whether John was the father of Thomas and the other children. There must have been a Thomas Redchester in Sheffield before that time, in that the death of his daughter, Elizabeth, is recorded as July 23, 1713. He could have been the father of John. A James Redchester, son of Thomas Register, laborer, was baptized July 20, 1746, and that Thomas could have been the father of Thomas.

There was a John Redchester who married Jane Gibson January 29, 1731 in Hexham, Northumberland, England. IGI.

Was his father William Redchester, who m. Elizabeth Cross April 25, 1707, in Tebthorp?

Was Robert Redchester, who married Elizabeth Moulson October 3, 1644 in Cantley a grandfather of William? Was Robert the Robert Redchester of Brampton who was buried December 11, 1664? Was his wife the Elizabeth Redchester of Brampton, widow, who was buried January 23, 1684?

Were the Redchesters/Regesters in Maryland starting in the 1600's part of this family of Redchesters?

Question as to whether Redchester was Ribchester prior to the 1730's. There are a lot of Ribchesters prior to that time in Sheffield.

John REDCHESTER and Sarah STUBBIN were married on 18 November 1734 in St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.1 Sarah STUBBIN, daughter of Richard STUBBIN, was born before 4 November 1705 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.2 She died on 31 July 1735 at the age of 29 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. A dau. of Richard Stubbin bur. March 15, 1713, Yorkshire Parish Registers. Richard fa. of Sarah? Stubbin or Stubbins?

John REDCHESTER and Mary FISHER were married on 2 March 1736 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Mary FISHER, daughter of William FISHER, was born in 1709 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. A Mary Fisher, dau. of Christ Fisher and Katherine, was christened July 12, 1712,in Scruton, Yorkshire. But there were lots of Mary Fishers christened in Yorkshire in that period == need more information.

John REDCHESTER and Mary FISHER had the following children:












Mary REDCHESTER was born before 26 December 1740 in Cathedral St. Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.









Hannah REDCHESTER was born before 4 June 1750 in Cathedral St. Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.3



William REDCHESTER was born before 22 May 1745 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.4