Sixth Generation

428. Luther LEONARD211 was born on 26 June 1786 in Orwell, VT. He died on 11 February 1865 at the age of 78 in Somerville, MA. While in his junior year at Middlebury, he received an appointment to West Point. He was Plattsburgh and Niagara, then in 1815, New York harbor, later at Ft. Independence, Boston, in 1818 Castine, ME, and in 1819 at Marblehead. When the government reduced the standing Army in 1821, he was one of those "left out." In 1821 he received an appointment as trader to the Indians at St. Peters, Minnesota. He was later at Ft. Winnebago, late at Jefferson Barracks and at Rock Island. He was military store keeper at LIberty, MO from 1846 to 1856. He was then transferred to Watertown Arsenal. His sight became obsured by cataracts and he retired in 1862. He placed himself in McLean Asylum in Somerville, MA, in 1862 and died there in 1864.

Luther LEONARD and Margaret GANTLEY were married in January 1817. Margaret GANTLEY was born in New York City, NY.

Luther LEONARD and Margaret GANTLEY had the following children:



Ann Martin LEONARD.



Sarah Austin LEONARD211 was born on 8 April 1822 in Orwell, VT. She died on 21 April 1864 at the age of 42 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.