The Birmingham/Staffordshire Iron Leonards: Introduction to the Descendants of John Leonard, ca. 1725-? of Birmingham

Some Leonards remained in England and engaged in some phase of iron work after the brothers James, Henry, Philip, and Thomas left England, although the exact genealogy has not been documented back to the 1500’s.  One branch of Leonards was noted for generations of involvement in gun barrelmaking, and descendants in this branch test in the Haplogroup J2 pattern ofJ ames and Henry’s descendants in America.
More research needs to be done on the early genealogy of this branch of Leonards.  My best guess is that John Leonard, b. ca. 1725 and married Frances, last name unknown, are the earliest of this branch.  Descendants through 8 generations are listed, again to avoid naming living people.  Source of this genealogy is Stuart and Ann Leonard, descendants, and British church and census data.
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