Eighth Generation

1904. Dr. Charles Lester LEONARD126 was born on 29 December 1861 in Easthampton, MA.191 He died on 22 September 1913 at the age of 51 in Atlantic City, Atlantic Co., NJ. He was buried on 25 September 1913 in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. He received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, 1885, and from Harvard, 1886. He received his MD from Pennsylvania in 1889 and an MA in 1892. He was "a physician, pioneer in the medical use of x-rays, and a martyr to his experiments." His untimely death was due to cancer from frequent exposure to xrays. He was residing at 837 No. Massachusetts St. in Atlantic City, NJ, when he died.

Ruth T. H. was born in September 1863 in England.

Dr. Charles Lester LEONARD and Ruth T. H. had the following children:



Catherine LEONARD was born in January 1889 in PA.