Fifth Generation

470. Dolly LEONARD42 was born on 24 November 1764 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. She died on 12 July 1828 at the age of 63 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. She ran the school on Partridge Island.

Was she also married to John Wainwright and have a son, Timothy, b. 1808, by him?

Archibald ARMSTRONG was born about 1760. He died on 20 November 1825 at the age of 65 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY.
From The Walton Reporter, 13 Feb. 1886, p.2, submitted by Vernon W. Becvar
Though headed "Read's Creek," apparently because the item came from the correspondent at that place, this is an account of the first town meeting forthe Town of Hancock.
At a public Town Meeting held this 5th day of March, 1817, at the house of James Wheeler, in the town of Hancock: For supervisor, Ezra May and Edward Doyle; for town clerk, Jas. Wheeler; for assessor, Titus Williams, John Knight, James Wheeler; for commissioners [of] highways, James Miller, Jacob F. Closson, Archibald Armstrong; for overseers of poor, Gilbert Earley
, Edward Doyle, Samuel Sands; for constable and collector, Joseph Wood; for school commissioners, Edward Doyle, Titus Williams, Stephen Read; for constables, Edward Doyle, Wheeler Hubble, John Knight, Frederick Sted, John Wheeler; Daniel Bunker, pathmaster Dist. No. 1; Overseer Dist. No. 2; Jas Miller, Dist, No. 3; John Lewis, Dist. No. 4; Elijah Buckbee, Dist, No. 5; Ezra May, Dist, No. 6; Samuel Sands, Dist. No. 7; Frederick Sted, Dist. No. 8; John D. Labar, Dist. No. 9; Harvey Holloway, Dist. No. 10.
That the Town Meeting be held at the house of Jas. Wheeler,
Pole (sic) list: Edward Doyle, Wheeler Hubble, John Knight, Frederick Sted, John Wheeler, Daniel Bunker, Gilbert Earley
, Major Landfield, James Sutton, Jacob Bush, James Wheeler, Joseph Hughsted, Peter Phoenix, Lewis F. Williams, Anthony Wood, Stephen Sterns, King May, Morris Purdy, Isaac Fish, David Leonard, Christopher Roff, Caleb Sutton, James Miller, Lewis Sampson, Ebenezer Prime, William Adams, Archibald Armstrong, Henry Lewis, John Lord, Isaac Tyler, Abel Minard, Morris Williams, Levi Miller, John D. Labar, Elijah Thomas, William Smith, Sylvester Andrews, Abram Sprague, John Graham, Harvey Holloway, Lewis Purdy, George Enslin, Moses Thomas, Ebenezer Smith, Peter G. Griffin, Joseph Hood, Nathan Williams, Loran Leonard, Jonathan Bolton, Joseph Martin, Jacob Closson, Stephen Read, Sylvester Squire, Forrest Appley, Asa Leonard, John Brown, Joseph Wheeler, Levi Thrall, Asa Appley, Daniel Fish, Charles Leonard, Samuel Sands, Titus Williams, Stephen Steenrod, Jonas Lakin, Total number of votes, 65. This is probably the first Town Meeting held in Hancock.