Fourth Generation

187. Joshua LEONARD297 was born about 1710 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He died on 7 June 1761 at the age of 51 in Parsippany, Morris Co., NJ. He died in 1761 at the age of 51 in Parsippany, Morris Co., NJ. He was a master ironworker. He succeeded his father at the bloomery in New Jersey. He died intestate, and his brother Paul was appointed 1 Jun 1761 administrator of the estate (not his son Paul?). He lived in Whippany in Hanover twp. His widow Sarah renounced administration of the estate 29 May 1761 in favor of Paul, with Josiah Leonard a witness.

He owned 125 acres at Hanover, NJ, in 1778 as "joshiah".

Or did he died 5 Nov 1778 in Hanover, Morris Co. NJ?

Harriet Leonard Standish lists (p. 148) a Seth G. Leonard as a son of Joshua and Sarah Condict, apparently from Fanny Leonard Koster's chart. Seth G. had 10 children.

SBL doesn't mention a son, Elijah, and says only descendants of Silas and Martha can be definitely traced. First Church of Morristown records also don't mention Elijah but do mention his other children. They add a Huldah, who married Philip Hall.

There's a Morris Co. will: 151N. B. 8, p. 442. Int. 1761. Ren. 1761.

Joshua LEONARD and Sarah CONDIT were married before 1746. Sarah CONDIT was born in 1712 in Massachusetts or New Jersey. She died on 5 November 1778 at the age of 66 in Hanover twp., Morris Co., NJ. Sometimes spelled Condict.

Joshua LEONARD and Sarah CONDIT had the following children:






Zephaniah LEONARD298 was born on 10 April 1748 in Morris Co., NJ. He was in Capt. Flanders Co. in 3rd battalion, in Capt. Cox's Co. in third regiment, drafted into Regiment of Sappers and Miners of Continental Army. Was it he or Joshua who died 5 Nov 1778?






Stephen LEONARD.









Martha "Patsy" LEONARD.