Seventh Generation

356. Thomas Henry LEONARD59 was born on 30 June 1843 in MIddletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. In the 1880 Census, he was a farmer living with his family in Middletown. In the 1900 Census, they had been married 29 years and had 4 children living of 4 children born.

According to "The New Jersey Coast in Three Centuries" by William Nelson, Peter Ross, and Fenwick Y. Hedley, Thomas worked for his father in the Leonardsville store and his father's farm until age 28. In 1871 Thomas conceived the idea that the farming territory that now embraces Atlantic Highlands, Leonardville, and Leonardo might be developed into town property. In 1872 he laid out Mount Avenue, the first road up to the hills. In 1878-79, a 450 foot freight dock was built, and the Bay View Transportation Company was formed. The steamer Thomas Collier was put in service between Bay View and New York. Bay View was later incorporated as the town of Atlantic Highlands.

Thomas Henry LEONARD and Maria A. RUNYON were married in 1871. Maria A. RUNYON, daughter of Firman RUNYON and Emeline LAING, was born in April 1847 in NJ.

Thomas Henry LEONARD and Maria A. RUNYON had the following children:



Clara LEONARD59 was born about 1872.



Mabel LEONARD59 was born in May 1874.



Edith Marie LEONARD was born in July 1875.



Marianna LEONARD59 was born in November 1882.