Third Generation

15. Judge Thomas LEONARD20 was born in 1685 in Stoney Brook, (Princeton, ) Mercer Co., NJ. He died in 1759 at the age of 74 in Princeton, Middlesex Co., NY. He had no children by either wife. He left a long will dtd. 6 Dec 1755, proved 23 Nov 1759, distributing his property to the sons of his brothers (Henry, John, James (all deceased) and Samuel and various friends.

He moved to Princeton about 1710. He owned much land in Princeton and in several other counties of New Jersey. He was almost continually in public office. He was a presiding Judge of the Common Pleas in Somerset County and for nearly a quarter of a century he served as a member in the Colonial legislature between 1723 and 1744 from Somerset County. See History of Princeton, pp. 42-49.

He was one of four large landholders in Princeton who gave land for Princeton University and guaranteed the construction of the first classroom building and President's house (History of Princeton).

Judge Thomas LEONARD and Susanna WALKER were married in 1711 in Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ. Susanna WALKER, daughter of Robert WITHAM and Ann HOAG, was born on 29 November 1668 in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. She died in April 1749 at the age of 80 in Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ.

Abigail WHITEHEAD was born in 1685. She died before 23 November 1759 at the age of 74 in Princeton, Mercer Co., NJ.