September 13, 2009 - 2009 ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon  World Championship, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland,  Australia.  750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run.  Brad - S: 19:32,  T1: 3:13, B: 42:45, T2: 2:43, R: 38:20.  1 of 3 M75-79.   Wetsuits allowed.  Swim was 3 sides of a triangle, not  sure of current. Same transition as for Olympic Distance.   Legs were tired from effort the day before.  US champ was  leading me on bike by about 100 yards when he turned into  transition after 1 loop of a 2 loop bike course and was  subsequently disqualified.  Sunny, warm, but running  earlier in morning rather than at noon as in race previous  day.  #193

September 12, 2009 - 2009 ITU Olympic Distance Triathlon  World Championship, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland,  Australia.  1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run.  Brad - S:  31:13, T1: 3:03, B: 1:23:50, T2: 2:43, R: 80:25, total  3:21:11.  3 of 7 M75-79.  Wetsuits allowed.  Swim started  just as tide changed, and current with us most of the way.   Huge transition area.  Transitions added over a third of  a mile to course.  Flat bike and run.  Finished 31 secs.  ahead of an Aussie and 1:49 ahead of a Kiwi.  Sunny, warm,  nicely run race.  #192

September 9, 2009 - 2009 ITU Aquathlon World Championship,  Southport, Gold Coast, Australia.  2.5k run, 1k swim, 2.5k  run.  Brad - R: 16:39, S: 29:53, R: 19:04, total 1:05:34.   3 of 4 M75-79.  Transitions in run times.  No wetsuits.   Basically, a rectangular course swimming against the tidal  current on one leg of the rectangle.  Nice weather, slight  chop on the bay.

August 22, 2009 - Bitterroot Classic Triathlon, Hamilton,  MT.  750 yd. pool swim, 20K bike, 5K run.  Sue - S: 17:57,  B: 53:50, R: 31:18, Total:  1:43:05, 1st F60-69.  Brad -  S:15:23, B: 40:47, R: 37:40, Total:  1:33:50, 1st M70+.   Bright, sunny day, hot, weak north breeze.  Great local  race, more competitive this year due to prize money.  #191

August 10, 2009, National Senior Games, Stanford  University, Palo Alto, CA.  10 K cycle time trial.  Brad:   18:49, 5th, M75-79.  Hot, hilly, headwind for first half,  start time 4:30 p.m.  Brad's time would have won in other  years and was 10 seconds out of 3rd place.  Very  competitive field.  #190

August 9, 2009, National Senior Games, Stanford  University, Palo Alto, CA. 10 K race.  Sue:  55:28, 5th  F60-64.  Very competitive field.  Warm, sunny weather.   Sue's time would have won in other years.  Winner F60-64  finished in 41:58.

August 2, 2009, 2009 National Senior Games Triathlon, Port  of Redwood City, CA.  400 meter swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1  mile run.  Brad 1:25:14, 1st 75-79.  9:32 swim, 39:52  bike, 32:57 run.  Weather cool, mostly overcast, no wind.   Finished 1:04 ahead of second place.  Interesting race.   National Senior Games were very competitive, with 10,000  athletes, all of whom had to qualify at state games to be  there.  #189

July 12, 2009, Missoula Half Marathon, Missoula, MT.  Sue  - 2:02:24, 3 of 34 F60-64, 399/1245 overall.  Brad -  2:53:54, 3 of 5 M70+, 964/1245 overall.  Beautiful day for  the races (marathon and half marathon), which started from  different points at 6:00 a.m.  Very well-run race.  Brad  was oldest person in half marathon, finished well under  estimate of 3:15.

June 21, 2009, Treasure State Triathlon, Bozeman, MT.   1500 meter swim, 12.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.  Brad  3:51:04, next to last overall.  Disappointing result,  slower than last year by 20 min.  Day started with light  rain, temperature low 50's, water temp. 63 degrees, but  started to clear during bike, and was sunny for run.   Slightly hypothermic early on, slow transitions, cautious  on wet road.  Nicely run race, good course.  #188

May 30, Queen City Triathlon, YMCA, Helena, MT.  1000 yd.  swim, 12.4 mi. bike, 3.4 mi. run.  Brad 1:50:57, 55th of  74.  Swim 21:34, 39th of 74; T1 2:03, 29th of 74; bike  43:00, 36th of 72; T2 1:08, 59th of 73; run 43:12, 68th of  73.  Light overcast, warm, flat courses, a lot of cheerful  volunteers, a fun USAT-sanctioned triathlon aimed at  first-timers.  187.

May 10, YMCA Triathlon, Missoula, MT.  500 yd. swim, 5 mi.  bike, 3.2 mi. run.  Brad1:07:00, 69th of 79.  Swim 10:07,  47th of 79; bike + T1+T2. 44th of 79, run 38:41, 74th of  79.  Sunny spring day, good turn-out for the first year of  this triathlon.  186.

May 4, Lilac Bloomsday Race, Spokane, WA.  Sue 12K,  1:05:05, 3rd, W60-64, 4289th of 45,472 finishers.  Brad  12K, 1:32:51, 15,364th of 45,472 finishers.  Cloudy, 50's,  good running weather.  Sue maintained her second seed and  early start for 2010 with her time.  Brad would have been  11th among the 75-79-year-olds if he'd been 10 days older.

April 25, YMCA Riverbank Run, Missoula, MT.  Sue, 5K,  24:25, 1st W60-64, 122 of 1222 overall; Brad, 10K, 75:38,  4 of 5, M70-74, 351 of 392 overall.  Partly cloudy, 30's  and 40's.

April 18, Superfun(d) Run 5K, Milltown, MT.  Brad: about  42 minutes.  New race at the site of a Superfund Clean-up  on the Clark Fork east of Missoula.

April 11, Grizzly Triathlon, Missoula, MT - 1000 yd. swim   20 K bike, 5k run.  Sue 2:00:28, 1st 60+ women, 24:28- 1:05:35-30:46.  Brad 1:54:03, 8th 60+ men, 21:10-48:46- 44:07.  Partly cloudy, cool 50's.  Brad's running still  sub-par.  185.

April 4, Run for the Trees, Missoula, MT - 5K run, partly  cloudy, cool.  Sue:  25:27, 1st 60-69; Brad 37:29; 2nd,  70+.  Brad's first run in several weeks, due to knee  problems and pulled hamstring.


November 27, Turkey Trot, Kim Williams Trail, Missoula, MT  - 5 mile run, cold and clear - brrrrr!   Brad - 58:55.   Race timing had me 2 minutes faster, but I can't run that  fast.

October 18, Pumpkin Run, McClay Flats, Missoula, MT - 5k  run next to the Bitterroot River.  Brad - 35:44.

September 20, Age Group National Championship, Hagg Lake,  OR - 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.  Brad  - 4:01:49, 15th of 17 70-74.  Intestinal flu, hilly bike  and run courses, and being the oldest male in the field  made for a bad day, but I snagged a spot to the 2009 world  championships.  #184

September 6, Garden City Triathlon, Frenchtown, MT - 1500  m. swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.  Brad - 3:35:19,  104th of 104 overall, including teams, 1 of 1 70+.  Only  race of the year where I was slower this year than last.  Slow 38:20 swim, 1:25:14 bike, 1:25:47 run, a long T-1 and  a short T-2.  Thick fog came in at the beginning of the  swim, making navigation difficult.  The faster athletes  were 2 to 3 minutes slower in swim this year than last.  I  had no power on bike; not sure why.  #183

August 24, River City Roots Festival, Missoula, MT - 4  mile run.  Sue - 35:53, 1st F60+, 160/303 overall; Brad -  47:26, 3rd 70+; 256/303 overall,  A bit stiff and sore  from triathlon the day before.  Great weather!  Timing off  -- my watch said 48:36 for my time.

August 23, Bitterroot Classic Triathlon, Hamilton, MT -  750 yard pool swim, 12.8 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Sue:   1:39:01, 1st F60-64, 167th of 221 overall, including  teams.  Brad 1:35:13, 1st 70+, 150th of 221 overall, swim  15:07, 113th of 221, bike +T1 41:17, 65th of 221; run +T2  38:49, 205th of 221.  Our heat started at 11:30, so we got  to run in the heat of the day, sunny, warm 80's.  A fun,  family-oriented race with a kids race following.  #182

August 17 - Treasure State Triathlon, Bozeman,MT - 1500  meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.  Brad 3:31:35,  1st and only M70+, 74th of 79 overall.  Swim 37:05, bike  1:19:00, run 1:28:47, transitions 6 minutes.  Record heat,  5000' altitude, long hot run made this one a challenge.   #181

August 10 - Harvest Thunder Triathlon, Great Falls, MT -  500 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:40:43,  1st of 3 60+, 75th of 106 overall.  Swim 13:17, 71st of  106; bike 41:16, 48th of 106; run 42:05, 91st of 106.   Sunny day, no wind, very pleasant course with "snake" pool  swim, one big hill in bike, and a tree-shaded run; nicely  organized race with an outstanding goody bag including a  bike jersey and a ditty bag.  Tired from aquathlon the  previous day, leading to slower times in swim and run.    #180

August 9 - Aquathlon at the Pond, Frenchtown Pond State  Park, MT - 1000 meter swim, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:01:45,  last of 24 participants.  Swim:  22:08, 20th of 24; run  37:30, 24th of 24, 2:07 minutes in transition getting wet  suit off.  Small but well-run local race.

August 2 - Polson Bay Swim, Polson, MT - 2000 yard swim  across an arm of Flathead Lake.  Brad 45:56, 3 of 3 60+,  62nd of 69 overall.  Fun race, wind chop, cold water, and  foggy goggles made navigating a bit dicey.

July 20 - Chelanman Sprint Distance Triathlon, Chelan, WA  - 800 meter swim, 13.1 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad  1:40:48, 1st of 1 70+, 1st 60+ Grand Master, 156 of 223  overall. At 74, I was the oldest person racing.  Swim  15:35, 112th of 223; bike 41:32, 83rd of 221; run 38:53,  201st of 221.  Another sunny, warm day.  Try-a-tri race  with a shorter swim in shallow water was going on  concurrently with separate waves, 600 racers entered in  the sprint and try-a-tri all together.  Well-run race,  lots of happy faces.  My training appears to be going well  -- no soreness racing two days in a row.  #179.

July 19 - Chelanman Olympic Distance Triathlon, Chelan, WA  - 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.  Brad  3:32:27, 2nd of 2 M70-74, 203rd of 217 finishers.  Swim  split 37:35, 181st of 222, bike split 1:27:39, 161st of  220, run 1:23:00, 212th of 217.  Warm sunny day, nice  course, well-managed event concurrent with a half-max 70.3  race.  Sun was tough on visibility on the swim leg back.   Alan Weaver beat me fair and square, but he's just a kid  of 70.  #178.

July 13 - Spring Meadow Triathlon, Helena, MT - 1000 yard  swim, 12.8 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:52.52, 1st of  1 M70-74, 84th of 95 finishers.  Great day and race, bike  6 miles uphill into the wind, but a nice ride back.  Was  beaten by 75-year-old Alan Jackson of Bozeman.  #177.

July 6 - Race the River Triathlon, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho,  1/2 mile swim, 11.8 mi. bike, 3.1 mi. run.  Brad 1:36:32,  1st of 2, M70-74, 234th of 303 finishers overall.  Nice  race, very safety-conscious, on a sunny but windy day.   Swim was with a 2 knot current and took Brad 10 minutes.  #176

June 12-14 - Montana Senior Games, Butte, MT.  Sue:  10k,  57:45, 1st 55-59.  Brad:  5k, 37:50, 3rd 70-74; 10k,  90:37, 1st 70-74; 50 yd breaststroke, 1:16, 2nd 70-74; 200  yd freestyle, 3:58, 1st 70-74; 500 yd freestyle, 1st, 70- 74; 10k bike time trial, 20:31, 1st 70-74.  Elevation of  5300 feet for swims and 5k and elevation of 6200 feet for  time trial and 10k run slowed us a little. Good weather,  cool, windy, nicely organized games.

May 31 - Peaks 5K, Missoula, MT.  Sue - 34:05, Brad -  35:41.  Got back from Scandinavia last night, jetlagged  and tired.

May 4 - Bloomsday 12K Run, Spokane, WA.  Sue - 67:15, 20th  of 1552 F55-59, 4549 of 43640 finishers overall.  Brad  88:45, 42nd of 238 M70-74, 12982 of 43640 finishers.   Sunny, nice day for a run.  Sue got to start with the  elite wave again and preserved her status to run there  again next year.

April 25 - Riverbank Run, Missoula, MT.  Sue - 5K run,  24:43, 1st F55-59; Brad - 10K run, 74:29, 2nd M70-74.   Sunny, nippy, first day it didn't snow in a week,  thousands of participants in Missoula's biggest run of the  year.

April 12 - Grizzly Triathlon, Missoula, MT -- 1000 yard  pool swim, 12.4 mi. bike, 3.1 mi. run.  Sue:  1:52:24,  3rd, F55-59.  Brad:  1:49:03, 3rd M60+, about 300th of 352  overall, including teams.  Of the 352, Brad was 249th  among the swimmers, 169th among the bikers, and 325th  among the runners, oldest geezer in the race by 10+ years.   First warm, sunny spring day this year. #175

April 5 - Run for the Trees, Missoula, MT -- 5K run.  Sue  24:40, 6th 50-59.  Brad 37:27, 3rd 70+.

March 29 - Sand Hollow Dual in the Desert Sprint Duathlon,  St. George, Utah -- 2.5K run, 10 mi. bike, 2.5K run.  Brad  1:21:32, 1st 70-74, 41st of 50 finishers.  10k run - Sue  59:01, 1st overall.  Sunny, warm, closed race course.


September 16 - River City Run, Missoula, MT -- 4 miles.  Sue:  33:32, 1st F55-59, Brad:  48:21, 1st 70-74.  Nice run with a long hill up Rattlesnake Creek.

September 8 - Palouse Sprint Triathlon, Moscow, ID - 500 yard swim, 9.3 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:26:15, 76th of 101 individual finishers, 1st of 2 70+.  Beautiful, sunny day, no wind, really fine race course.  Sue did a 10k in Missoula, finishing in 52:46.  #174

September 1 - Garden City Triathlon, Frenchtown Pond State Park, MT - 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run, elevation 3,000 feet.  Brad 3:27:40, lst (and only) 70+, 101st of 103 finishers.  A cool, foggy morning greeted us; it stayed cool for the whole race.  Nice courses for each event, two loops for the swim and the bike, out and back for the run. #173.

August 25 - Bitterroot Classic Triathlon, Hamilton, MT - 750 yard pool swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Sue - 1:41:06, 131st of 183 finishers.  Brad - 1:47:35, 156th of 183 finishers, 202 entrants including teams.  Interesting local triathlon with 17 swim heats, 12 at a time.  Since we were in later heats, we got to bike and run in the heat of the day (90's).  Best shirt of any race, a bike shirt.  #172.

August 18 - Treasure State Triathlon, Bozeman, MT - 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run, elevation 5,000 ft..  Brad 3:39:12, 2nd 70+, 71st of 74 finishers.  Good swim and bike, but terrible run.  Nicely run triathlon with an excellent course.  Triathlon #171 for Brad.

July 21 - Chelanman Sprint Triathlon, Chelan, WA - half mile+ swim, 13 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:44:22, 1st (and only) 70+, 153rd of 180 finishers overall.  Great multisport weekend in Chelan, with several triathlons, kids' events, and runs going on.  Testing out swim technique.  Averaged 21.2 mph on bike leg, but a slow run. #170

July 15 - Seafair Triathlon, Seattle, WA, half mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  Brad 1:50:15, 1037th of 1300+ overall, 3 of 4 70-74.  Erik - 1:38:43.  First triathlon with son Erik since 1985.  Great weather, great race.  Brad was the oldest competitor.  #169

May 6 - Bloomsday 12 K, Spokane, WA.  Sue - 65:25, 3,969th of 40,341, 18th in the 55-59 age group; Brad 95:48, 14,198th of 40,341.  Sue earned a second wave singlet and start due to her time last year.  Good weather!

April 28 - Riverbank Run, Missoula.  10K - Sue - 52:45, 1st F55-59, 52/208 women overall.  Brad - 75:32, 2nd M70-74, 150/164 men overall.  Beautiful day, over 3000 runners for the 10k, 5k, and 1 mile races.

April 14 -  Grizzly Triathlon, Missoula.  1000 yard swim in Univ. of Montana pool, 4 to a lane, with heats starting every half hour, 20k bike through Hellgate Canyon, 5k run with a hill thrown in on Kim Williams trail, Montana's largest triathlon with 364 entrants.  Sue - 1:56:52, 335th of 359 finishers; Brad - 1:50:03, 316th of 359 finishers (and oldest finisher by 10 years). #168

April 7 -  Run for the Trees 5k, Missoula.  Sue - 24:47, Brad - 35:10.  Nice run on a sunny, windy, cold day.

March 10-16 - USSA Masters National Championship at Big Sky, Montana.  Brad 9th in Super G, 7th in giant slalom, 7th in slalom, and 7th in combined  in Class 10, Men 70-74.  There's no way I can catch the best in my age class, but had a good and fun competition among those at my level.

January-February - Northern Division alpine ski racing at Snowbowl, Blacktail, and Lookout.


August 5 - Polson Bay's Water Daze 1.2 mi. swim, Polson, MT.  Brad - 1:22, 1st 60+.  A point-to-point course in Flathead Lake.  It felt as if I was swimming uphill all the way.

August 5 - Mission Mountain Classic 5K, Ronan, MT.  Sue - 25:50, 1st, 50-59 women; Brad 34:09, 1st 70-79 men.  Relatively flat course in the Mission Valley.  Heavy haze due to forest fires in Washington.

July 29 - Aquathlon at the Pond, Frenchtown Pond State Park, MT.  Swim 500m, Run 2.5K.  Brad - 33:30.  2nd overall (only 3 in the race - most did the longer aquathlon).

July 9 - Spring Meadow Triathlon, Helena, MT.  Swim 1000m, Bike 20 K, Run 5 K.  Brad:  2:07:21.  1st 70-74 men.  There were only 3 slower than I was.  Question answered:  Toprol affects swimming, biking, and running by limiting heart rate to 110 bpm. #167

June 23 - RATPOD - Ride Around the Pioneers in One Day, Dillon, MT.  Brad.

May 29 - Memorial Day Run, Corvallis, MT.  5K:  Sue 27:07; Brad 35:09.

May 20 - Evaro Mountain Run, Evaro, MT.  5K:  Brad 35:27

May 7 - Lilac Bloomsday Run, Spokane, WA.  12K:  Sue - 1:05:26; Brad - 1:30:03.  A big race with 45,000 participants, bands along the way, a vulture a the top of Doomsday Hill, light rain, more women than men participating.

April 29 - Riverbank Run, Missoula, MT.  5K:  Sue - 23.24, 1st F55-59, 29th of 663 women, setting a new course record for her age group by three and a half minutes.  10K:  Brad -72.47, 1st (and only) M70-74, 137th of 144 men, slow, but best I could do on 110 bpm heart rate limit.  A large series of races -- 3000 participants -- on a beautiful spring day in Missoula.  More women than men racing.  Ends at the Boone and Crockett club, Daniel and Davey were not there.

April 22 - Gasping for Air 5K, Missoula, MT.  Sue - 24:46, Brad 36:55.  No age groups, no results,  no awards.  Cloudy and cool day.  Course along the Clark Fork River.

April 8 - Run for Respect 5k, Missoula, MT.  Sue, 25:43, 1st F50-59; Brad 36:44, 1st, M60+.  A run along the Kim Williams Trail.

March 25 - Buttercup 5k, Arlee, MT.  Sue - 25:49, 1st F50-59; Brad - 37:28, ? among M60+.  A cold day, but a warm race.

March - Brad 2nd overall in M-70-74, Northern Division Masters alpine skiing for the season.  Races at Lookout Pass, Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Missoula Snowbowl, Schweitzer Mountain, and Big Mountain.

January 28 - Frozen Frolic 5k, Missoula, MT.  Sue - 26:35, 1st. F-55+; Brad - 36:07, ? M-55+.  A strong, chill wind made this a challenging race at PlayFair Park.


November 5 - Turkey Trot 5k, Missoula, MT.  Sue 28:09, 2nd, W-50-59; Brad - 36:01, 1st M-70+.

September - Move to Missoula, Montana (elevation 3,200 feet), from Copper Mountain, Colorado (elevation 9,700 feet).

September 10 - HealthQuest 5k, Copper Mountain, CO.  Brad - 38:12, 1st M-70+.

March - World Masters Alpine Ski Championship, Sun Valley, Idaho - Brad (find results)

March - Brad won the Rocky Mountain Masters alpine ski championship for the season in the 70-74 age group in slalom and giant slalom.

February - Cardiologist recommended that Brad take three actions to reduce his blood pressure as low as possible:  (1) move to lower elevation from Copper's 10,000 feet; (2) get regular aerobic exercise; (3) take Toprol-xl.  Brad quickly found that Toprol-xl limited his maximum heart rate to about 100 beats per minute and thereby served as a governor on his running/biking/x-c skiing engine.  No more speed work, no more fast times, no more winning races.  Temporary hold on all racing until fall check-up.

February 8th - Colorado Winter Senior Games at the Summit, Frisco Nordic Center, CO.  Brad 1st, 70-74, cross-country classic 2.5K, 14:05; Brad 1st, 70-74, biathlon (x-c skiing, shooting); Brad on winning x-c ski relay team.

February 7th - Colorado Winter Senior Games at the Summit, Keystone, CO.  Brad 1st, 70-74, and fastest times of the day, giant slalom; 2nd, M70-74, abt. 600 m. speed skating, 1:14: 2nd, M70-74, obstacle course on alpine skis.

February 6th - Frisco Gold Rush, Frisco, CO.  Sue 2nd, F50-59, cross-country skate skiing 5, 24:22.  Brad 1st, M70-74, cross-country classic skiing, 5K, 29:09.

January 29th - Rocky Mtn. Masters GS, Keystone.  Brad 1st. M70-74.

January 8-9th - Rocky Mtn. Masters GS and SL, Winter Park.  Brad 1st, M70-74, in both races.