Tenth Generation

584. Nathaniel BOSWORTH343 was born on 4 September 1617 in Market Bosworth, Leicester, England. He died on 31 August 1690 at the age of 72 in Bristol, RI.344 He was buried in Congregational Churchyard, Bristol, RI. He came over as a child with his parents in 1634 on the ship Elizabeth and Dorcas. He settled in Hingham, MA. He was both a cooper and a fisherman and became Deacon of the church at Hull, MA. He and Bridget had 9 children born in Hull and baptized in Hingham. He moved to Bristol in 1683. He bought 1/32nd part of the Mt. Hope lands from the proprietors. He built the first frame house in Bristol on the east side of Hope Street, just north of the bridge across Silver Creek. He became a citizen of Bristol at its first town meeting, along with Benjamin and Edward Bosworth, in 1681 and was first Deacon of the Congregational Church.

A cousin, Benjamin Jones, is mentioned in his will. Will dtd. March 15, 1689/90, probated November 20, 1690, calls him a yeoman, names wife Bridget, 6 sons, and 3 daughters. It mentions his lands in Hull, England. Will of Nathaniel Bosworth dtd. March 15, 1689, proved November 20, 1690. Mentions son Nathaniel eldest, Joseph, John, Jeremy, Bellamy, Edward, dau. Mary Lobdell, Hannah Jacob, and Bridget.

Benjamin Bosworth came from England in 1634, settled in Hingham, MA Bridget BELLAMY and Nathaniel BOSWORTH were married in 1645 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA.222

585. Bridget BELLAMY was born in 1621 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA. She died on 15 June 1705 at the age of 84 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI. She was probably the widow of Jeremiah Bellamy and Nicholas Lobdell.

Children were:





Nathaniel BOSWORTH was born before 29 July 1649 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 25 August 1693 at the age of 44 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA.


Jeremiah BOSWORTH was born before 29 July 1649.


Hannah BOSWORTH was born on 30 April 1650.


Capt. Joseph BOSWORTH was born before 6 June 1652. He died before 1710 at the age of 58 in At sea.


Bellamy BOSWORTH was born before 30 November 1654 in Hull, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 16 March 1717 at the age of 62 in Bristol, RI. This was checked against Gertridge Tree, Ancestry.com, 12 Feb 2000, sheila.stewart57@excite.com.


Mary BOSWORTH was born before 4 October 1657.


Edward BOSWORTH was born before 29 May 1659 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. He died on 22 February 1743 at the age of 83 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI.


Bridget BOSWORTH was born before 19 August 1660.