First Generation

1. John or Jonathan OLDALE was born about 1714 in Harthill Church, S. Yorkshire, England. He died on 28 September 1792 at the age of 78 in Harthill Church, S. Yorkshire, England. There appears to be a record that Jonathan Oldale married Hannah Wigfall at Sheffield in 1760 and that Joseph Oldale married Hannah Housley in 1771. If this is true, then Jonathan could not have been the father of Joseph. Another record indicates that John (not Jonathan) and Mary were the parents of Joseph. This all needs to be checked out.

The Oldales seem to have been in the Sheffield area for several centuries. Records list them back to the 1590's. Unfortunately, there are holes in the records, and I can't track back to that time. When records commence in the Sheffield area there are only two Oldale families - one in Dronfield moving into Sheffield, the other in Handsworth extending into Eckington. Here are some Oldales who need to be placed in the family tree:

1583 John OULDALE, married Ellen Outrem at Dronfield
1585/6 Robert son of John OULDALE bapt. at Dronfield
1590 Elizabeth OLDALE bapt. at Sheffield
1591/2 William son of John OLDALE bapt. at Sheffield
1596 Rose OLDALE bapt at Sheffield
1624 John (Johannes) OLDALE married at Sheffield on 16 Sep 1624
1638 John OLDALE married Eliz. Hall at Alrewas, Staffordshire
1659 Indenture of Bargain and Sale between John Woodgrove of Woodthorpe parish Handsworth and Jerimia Woodgrove of Graystones, Sheffield mentioning Narr Carr in the occupation of Nathaniell OULDALE in Woodthorpe.
1661 James Oldale married Mary Littlewood 22 Oct 1661 at Sheffield
1663 Probate of Will of Robert OULDALE, Gleadless. Yorkshire Wills
1663 Samuel Oldale born in Yorkshire, died 1711 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, son Lemuel Oldale b. 1685 in Burlington, NJ
1664 James OLDALE buried at Sheffield
1665 Thomas Skagell married Elizabeth OLDALE at Sheffield
1664 Thomas OULDALE married Mary Hinchcliffe 1 Sep 1664 at Bradfield, Yorkshire, England
1666 Robert son of Leonard OULDALE bapt at Handsworth
1666 Thomas son of Samuel OULDALE bapt at Handsworth
1667 Child of John OULDALE buried at Handsworth
1668 Thomas son of Thomas OULDALE buried at Handsworth
1672 Thomas OULDALE ,1, Hearth Tax Return, Handsworth
1673 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas OULDALE bapt at Handsworth
1681 Nathaniell OLDALL married Rose Thompson at Handsworth on 3 April 1681
1685 Lemuel Oldale, son of Samuel, b. in Burlington, NJ, d. 1768 Burlington, NJ, m. Elizabeth b. 1685, d. 1715 Bucks Co., PA
1696 Nathaniel OLDALE married Anne Stones at Hathersage, Derbyshire
1697 Alice daughter of Nathaniell OULDALE bapt at Handsworth
1700 Samuel Oldale b. 1700, d. 1780, came on "Martha" and settled in Burlington Co., NJ and Bucks Co., PA. Son Samuel m. Elizabeth (?) and had a son Samuel who m. Elizabeth Job. Name also written as O'Dell. (Cecil).
1703 Joseph son of Benjamin OULDALE bapt., buried 1714
1704 Joshua OLDALL married Mary Thorp at Eckington
1707 Elizabeth daughter of Sarah OLDALE bapt Sheffield "spurious"
1709-10 Mary Oldale, b 25 Feb 1709/10, d. 25 Apr 1788 in Warwick, Bucks Co., PA, m. Joseph Dungan b. 1710, d. 1788 (History of Bucks Co., PA, p. 208. She was the dau. of Thomas Oldale
1710 Anne OLDALL buried at Handsworth
1711 Samuel Oldale dies in New Jersey
1712/3 Sarah OLDALL buried at Sheffield
1714/5 Martha wife of Benjamin OLDALL buried at Handsworth
1716 Josa OLDALE at the Great Court Baron of Lady Frecheville at Eckington warned that he would be fined 3 shillings and 4 pence if a "sufficient bridge and rail between Stock and Plumbley Wood Close" was not constructed by Pentecost.
1716 Joseph Roberts married Mary OLDALL of Handsworth at Sheffield
1718 Joseph Nutt of Ecclesfield married Eliz OLDALL, spinster, at Sheffield
1719 Benjamin OLDALL buried meason poor at Handsworth
1724 Hannah OLDALE married Joseph Wright at Beighton
1739 John Oldale b. at Cold Ashton, Yorkshire, marries Elizabeth Greaves, has children Francis b. 1761, Sydney b. 1763, Charles, John b.
1767, Mary b. 1769, Catherine b. 1771, Sarah.
1745 John ODELL of Beauchief (eldest son of Joshua OLDALL of Ford who owned two farms at Beauchief) married Sara Alcroft at Stavely
1747 Mary daughter of John OLDALL bapt at Beauchief
1749 John OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1749 Robert OLDALE apprenticed to Chas Jones 7-11 1749. This is the first of 7 apprentices OLDALE/OULDALE including one from Eckington,one from Harthill, one from Handsworth/Woodhouse and the rest from Sheffield.
1751 Joseph son of John OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1752 James son of John OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1760 Jonathan OLDALE married Hannah Wigfall at Sheffield
1771 Joseph OLDALE married Hannah Housley at Sheffield
1775 John OLDALL of Coal Aston married Elizabeth Graeves of Hathersage at Dronfield (Mrs S.O. Addy's grandparents)
1776 James OLDALL of Sheffield married Ann Parker at Norton
1777 John OULDALE married Sarah Cutt at Harthill
1781 Thomas son of Matthew and Martha OLDALL of Carrfield bapt at Norton. They had 18 children according to Norton Parish Records but only 4 survived to adulthood. 1784 Godfrey OLDALL, 1787 William OLDALL. The family moved to Woodhouse and William was apprenticed to Joseph Snidale, Sheffield Park in 1801.
Godfrey and Thomas were well known eccentrics in Woodhouse. Godfrey's first wife Elizabeth Linley of Sothall, white washed the house through once a week. She black leaded Godfrey's shoes. Her bonnet, the clockcase and Godfrey's gun were coaltarred. After she died Godfrey walked to Plley to find his first love Mary Kay and married her in Tankersly in 1836. Godfrey died in Sheffield Workhouse in 1864; Thomas had died a few months earlier.
1789 Francis son of John OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1793 Sidney son of John OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1798 John OLDALE married Ann Twigge at Sheffield on 15 Apr 1798 Cathedral St. Peter
1798 Jonathan OLDALE married Mary Thackway at St. Saviour, York
1800 Thomas OULDALE married Sarah Oates at Sheffield
1809 John OLDALE married Elizabeth White at Rotherham
1810 George OLDALE married Sarah Hill at Clowne
1814/5 Sheffield Directory listed OLDALE & Ellin, table knife cutlers, Arundel Street. Thomas Ellin senior, Master Cutler (Sheffield) 1833; Thomas Ellin junior, Master Cutler 1841.
1820 John son of James OLDALL bapt at Eckington
1824 Henry son of George and Sarah OLDALE bapt at Dinnington
1828 Sidney OLDALL married Mary Jenkin at Norton. Mr S.O. Addy's grandparents. (Source?)
1828 Francis OLDALL married Elizabeth Wilde daughter of Henry Wilde, master of the Free Writing School, Sheffield.
1830 James son of Francis and Elizabeth OLDALL bapt at Dronfield
1844 Joseph son of William and Mary OLDALE bapt at Eckington
1849 Sheffield Directory lists 10 entries for OLDALE.
Jas. OLDALE cutler, Jessop Street (off South Street, Sheffield Moor); Charles OLDALE, shopkeeper, Anson Street (south St Park);
4 farmers - John OLDALE in South Anston, George OLDALE in Dinnington, Joseph OLDALE in Gildingwell, and Francis OLDALE in Coal Aston; 2 butchers, Henry OLDALE in Dinnington, and John OLDALE in Harthill; George OLDALE was a joiner in Dinnington and William OLDALE was a tanner and currier in Eckington.
1856 Sheffield Directory now has only 4 entries for OLDALE:- Joseph & Thomas OLDALE, designers/chasers in Fitzwilliam Street, with a house further up the road; Francis OLDALE, farmer. In Coal Aston and his wife listed as school mistress;
William OLDALE, tanner, in Eckington.
1866 Albert Edward son of James and Francis OLDALE bapt at Beighton.

Need to do an "all present and accounted for" review of Oldales in the 1841 Census...

John or Jonathan OLDALE and Mary were married about 1732 in Harthill Church, S. Yorkshire, England. Mary died on 15 April 1792.

John or Jonathan OLDALE and Mary had the following children:



Charlotte OLDALE was born before 25 August 1734 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.



Jonathan OLDALE.



Martha OLDALE was born on 23 April 1739 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.






Mary OLDALE was born before 4 November 1744 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.



Joseph OLDALE.



James OLDALE was born on 21 February 1750 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He was baptized on 21 March 1753.1 He died on 15 February 1754 at the age of 3 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.1




MARY was born (date unknown).