Second Generation

7. George MUNRO was born in 1677. He died on 9 September 1744 at the age of 67 in Bristol, RI. He was buried on 11 September 1744 in Juniper Hill Cemetery, Bristol, RI. He was a cordwainer. His will is on file (Bristol Co. MA PR 10:444).

Some of his grandchildren were Eddys (Phebe, Mary, Martha). It's the Oliver Eddy Family, p. 76 in The Eddy Family in America, 1930.

Was their third child Hezekiah, who in 1737 married Mary Haile of Swansea? Dorothy Chapman Saunders raises this possibility. The first Hezekiah seems to have been born to George's brother William in 1702, died later that year. But that Hezekiah is listed elsewhere as having been born in 1717 in Bristol and died 1783 in New London, CT, a son of Joseph Munro and Mary Bowerman. No evidence is listed that George had a CT connection, although several of his brothers and sisters did.

George MUNRO and Mary BRAGG were married about 1700. Mary BRAGG, daughter of Henry BRAGG and Elizabeth MACKMOLLEN, was born on 17 October 1684 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. She died on 13 October 1736 at the age of 51 in Bristol, RI.13 She was buried in Juniper Hill Cemetery, Bristol, RI.

George MUNRO and Mary BRAGG had the following children:



William MUNRO7 was born on 24 December 1701 in Bristol, RI.



Sarah MUNRO.



Benjamin MUNRO.



Simeon MUNRO.



Thomas MUNRO was born on 21 October 1715 in Bristol, RI.



Tabitha MUNRO was born on 24 May 1718 in Bristol, RI.6



Hannah MUNRO was born on 28 January 1722 in Bristol, RI.6