Descendants of William Leonard ca.1685 and Sarah Bolton

The origins of this William Leonard are a mystery.  There’s ample evidence that he existed and married Sarah Bolton, but no documentary evidence of his parentage.  He is sometimes confused with James’ grandson William Leonard 1688-1778, who married Sarah Barney, but they are definitely separate people. One descendant tests in Haplogroup J2, while another tests in Haplogroup R1b, and a tie-breaker has not been found.
Source of information about this line comes from attempts by Elisha Clark Leonard 1919-1894 to construct the descendancy, later efforts by Harriotte Leonard Standish and Wardwell C. Leonard, Jr. to identify it, and information from other descendants. Adding an element of confusion is that Seth Leonard 1729-1774 is sometimes listed as a son of William Leonard and Sarah Bolton, although that birth is not documented in the Vital Records.
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