Seventh Generation

1121. Candace LEONARD was born on 5 October 1808 in Vermont. She died on 1 May 1876 at the age of 67 in Marshall Co., IN.
Appears to be a letter from the mother and family of Byron Flagg to what appears to be a Josiah and Minerva. Letter found in the family Bible of John Martin and Mary E. Flagg. Note: Byron Flagg, John Martin Flagg and John's brother-in-law, Albert Mosher, all mustered into Co. C-48th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Transcription made approx. 1970: Oct the 6 Dear Children, I will write you a few lines to let yu know how we are. We are well but badly grieved Byron has gone to war. He took a drafted mans place. Byron on Friday last went to a sale and bid of fifty five dollars worth of property and Saturday he went to Rochester to a [speak in] he was gone all night. Sunday he come back with two men with him. Came in the house and stayed about 10 minutes and told us he had taken a drafted mans place and then went on to Michigan City and thats the last we seen or heard of him. It has left us in a bad a bad fix. No one knew he thought he had any just interest. Josiah, Pliney got home Thursday nite from Miama. Josiah, the drafted man are all been [notified] and going tell me what you are going to do. Come home if you can so we can see you. Minerva, I wish I could see you then I would tell all. Write as soon as you get this and tell about Josiah for we are much troubled. M. Flagg Candace Flagg [James] Flagg [Jehiel] Flagg [Josa]Flagg Byron Flagg
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Candace LEONARD and John Jeheil FLAGG were married. John Jeheil FLAGG was born in 1806. He died in 1890 at the age of 84.