Seventh Generation

1336. Helen LEONARD was born on 7 February 1803 in Assonet, Freetown, Bristol Co., MA. They lived in Warsaw, IL. Their children included Capt. Leonard Hay of the US Army, Col. John Hay, private secretary to President Lincoln and an Assistant Secretary of State, and Charles Edward Hay, late Mayor of Springfield, IL.

Helen [Leonard], b. in Assonet Village, Freetown, Mass., Feb 7, 1803; m. Dr. C. Hay, and they reside at Warsaw, Ill. Their second son, Maj. John M. Hay, was private secretary to President Lincoln, and afterwards Charge d'Affaires to Austria, and now Secretary of the Legation to the Court of Spain.

Helen LEONARD and Dr. Charles HAY were married. Dr. Charles HAY was born in Kentucky.