Sixth Generation

437. Ezra LEONARD115 was born on 20 August 1797 in Charlemont, MA. He died on 23 February 1873 at the age of 75 in Oxford, OH. In 1817 or 1818 with his brothers Levi and Judah he left Charlemont, MA, for the west, traveling most of the way on foot. During the journey, Judah, then a boy of 18, overtaxed his strength, took a severe cold which terminated in typhoid fever and he died at Port Byron, NY 22 Jan 1818. Ezra resided a few years in Canfield, OH, afterwards in Royalton, later in Greenfield, then in Ridgefield, and finally removed to Oxford, OH, where he died 23 Feb 1873. He was ordained a Baptist minister, later withdrew and formed a new branch of the denomination calling themselves Disciples (Campellites) and later Christians.

In the 1850 Census, the family was living in Ridgefield, Huron Co., OH.

"He was ambitious, energetic, zealous, combative, highly benevolent...was highly gifted in language. His moral and physical courage were of the first order. He scorned to revenge by inflicting injuries upon person or property, but it was exdtremely uncomfortable to be his enemy. He excelled in originality, was fond of inventing something new -- churns, cornplanters, straw-cutters, windmills..."

Ruth HAYES died in December 1834 in Greenfield, OH.

Ezra LEONARD and Ruth HAYES had the following children:



Abigail LEONARD was born on 29 March 1824.



David Hayes LEONARD.



Eda C. LEONARD was born on 15 December 1833.

Sophronia FROST, daughter of Nehemiah FROST and Elizabeth NASH, died on 10 January 1875 in Oxford, OH.