Second Generation

3. Capt. James LEONARD14 was born about 1642 in Bilston?, Staffordshire, England. He died on 1 November 1726 at the age of 84 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.15,16 He was buried in Neck 'o Land Cemetery, Taunton, MA. According to ECL, "the second son of James Leonard was probably born in England; there is not much about him in the public records. What is found is in the records of his brother Thomas. He learned the iron masters trade but for the fact that his first four children were born in Braintree, we assume that he was at the Braintree works until about 1671.

He was given the west hearth of Raynham Forge by his father about 1675. We are led to believe that James worked at the Raynham Forge as long as he worked in iron. He was Surveyor of Highways in 1669 and 1678, on the Grand Jury in 1680 and 1685, a constable in 1686, a Selectman in 1689, 1690, 1691 to 1696, 1697, 1703, 1705, and 1706, representative to the general court 1697-98, 1703-5-6-8-10-17. He is styled Lt. in 1706, 1708, and 1710." See ECL, pp. 35ff.

He was thrifty. He owned a sawmill with his brother Thomas, which he gave to his son Seth in 1712. He aided his son James in the purchase of his uncle Uriah's interest in the Whittington Forge in 1699. He placed his son Stephen as master workman at the West Hearth in Raynham Ironworks.

He built the House of Seven Gables in Raynham in 1700, which remained in the family until 1840.

He died in his 84th year. Will of James Leonard of Taunton, "being aged and under bodily weakness," dtd. March 4, 1725/6, proved. 13 April 1726/7: Wife Rebecca. Sons: James (eldest), Stephen and Seth Leonard. 3 daughters by my first wife: Unis, Prudence, and Hannah Crane who married John Crane of Dighton, dcd. Other daughters: Lydia Brettin, Sarah Hodges, Elizabeth Hall, Abigail Dean dcd. and Darkis Leonard. "My late father-in-law Anthoney Culiver" and my late wife Lydia dcd. Grandson Zephaniah Leonard. Granddaughter Abigail Dean and other children (not named) of my daughter Abigail Dean dcd. My brothers Thomas Leonard and Uriah Leonard. My indentured servant Patriarch Robinson and Abigail Robinson. Sons James and Seth Leonard as execs. Witnesses: Seth Williams, Timothy Jones, and Samuel Leonard, Jr. (5:399/400/1/2/3).

Capt. James LEONARD and Hannah MARTIN were married before 1668. Hannah MARTIN died on 25 February 1674 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. George Marston Leonard charts list her as Hannah Stone, but it was his son James who married Hannah Walley Stone.

Boston Transcript had a question as to who her parents were. Was there an answer? Torrey's Marriages doesn't list a last name.

Capt. James LEONARD and Hannah MARTIN had the following children:






Prudence LEONARD.






James LEONARD17 was born on 1 February 1673 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.18 He died on 30 December 1674 at the age of 1 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.

Capt. James LEONARD and Lydia GULLIVER were married on 29 October 1675 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.19 Lydia GULLIVER, daughter of Anthony GULLIVER and Elizabeth KINGSLEY, was born on 13 October 1651 in Milton, MA. She died on 24 July 1705 at the age of 53 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.15 She was buried in Neck of Land Burying Ground, Taunton, MA. She died in her 47th year. Her gravestone is in the basement of OCHS. It was found when widening Summer Street back in 1888 near Neck o' Land Cemetery in Taunton.

Capt. James LEONARD and Lydia GULLIVER had the following children:



Capt. James LEONARD.






Stephen LEONARD.



Abigail LEONARD.



Nathaniel LEONARD was born on 18 March 1685 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.15 He died in June 1686 at the age of 1 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.



Ensign Seth LEONARD.






Mehitable LEONARD was born on 24 October 1691 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.20 She died on 10 June 1695 at the age of 3 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. James named another daughter, born 1705, Mehitable. The second Mehitable married twice.



Elizabeth LEONARD.

Capt. James LEONARD and Rebecca MACY were married on 29 August 1706 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.21 Rebecca MACY, daughter of George MACY and Susanna SWEET, was born in 1662. She died on 3 April 1738 at the age of 76 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.22 She was buried in Neck 'o Land Cemetery, Taunton, MA. A Rebecca Leonard, relict of James Leonard, late of Taunton, died in Taunton April 3, 1738, in the 77th year of her age. -- First Book of Raynham Records, p. 436 (on CD from reprinted journal). This may be the correct date. James Savage has her dying in the 76th year of her age. She was the widow of Benjamin Williams before she married James Leonard. John Williams, son of Benjamin and Rebecca, was administrator of his mother's estate in 1738.

Capt. James LEONARD and Rebecca MACY had the following children:



Ebenezer LEONARD was born on 28 July 1708 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He died in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. "Died young, unmarried," according to ECL and James Savage.