Sixth Generation

1017. Zadock LEONARD1211 was born on 24 June 1766 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He died on 2 July 1798 at the age of 32 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Was he the Zadock Thompson Leonard who won bid for privilege of taking herring at slitting mill in 1784 (Middleborough Gazette of 05/0801858:2)?

Zadock LEONARD and Kezia BYRAM were married on 22 October 1788 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.38 Kezia BYRAM was born in 1762. She died on 15 December 1834 at the age of 72. Taunton VR's say her name was Kezia Byram and that they were married 12 Oct 1788 in Taunton. The name, Kezia Bryant, sometimes appears, but Byram is presumed correct.

Zadock LEONARD and Kezia BYRAM had the following children:



Zadock LEONARD1212 was born about 1790. Bristol County Probate Court Records show that on February 21, 1820, a Zadock Leonard changed his name to William H. Leonard. Was he this Zadock Leonard? The Zadock Leonard who changed his name lived in New Bedford.






Elizabeth LEONARD1213 was born (date unknown).