Fourth Generation

304. Seth LEONARD392 was born about 1749. A Martin Leonard, age 57 (born about 1750) died as a result of a fall in Granville July 31, 1808. Could he have been related to Seth? He would have been born within a year or two of Seth. A Martin Leonard, b. 16 June 1751, unmarried, broke his neck, 1805. This Martin was the son of Luther Leonard; his brother Oliver had a son Chester who married in Granville in 1800. There are only four Leonards mentioned in Granville VR's: Martin, Chester, Nathaniel (of Sheffield m. Olive Tibbals of Granville 8 Jan 1788), and Seth Lonarde (sic) who m. Comfort Blancher (no other Blanchers or Blanchards in Granville). Martin, Chester, and Nathaniel are all of the John Leonard of Springfield branch of the Leonard family. Circumstantial evidence points to Seth being a descendant of John Leonard of Springfield rather than James of Taunton.

Is this Seth really the son of Seth of Uriah or another Seth? I haven't seen anything tying this Granville, MA, Seth to the Seth of Uriah. He would have been 1 or 2 years old when Seth died, but we've found no record of a guardian being appointed.

Seth had a son, Seth, according to ECL, born 20 Dec 1799 in Granville. There was a Seth born on that date in Westmoreland, NH, but that's an entirely different Seth. That Seth married Sally Hill. There were two other Seths born in 1799, but neither can be tied to Seth and Comfort.

Seth LEONARD and Comfort BLANCHER were married on 14 November 1771 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.393 Comfort BLANCHER was born in 1749. She died on 5 March 1836 at the age of 87 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.394 She was 87 when she died and resided in the Granville town poor house.

Seth LEONARD and Comfort BLANCHER had the following children:



Abiel LEONARD395 was born on 26 August 1772 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.396 He was baptized on 8 July 1787 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.



Phebe LEONARD397 was born on 2 November 1774 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.398 She died on 13 October 1844 at the age of 69 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.399 She died of a broken bone in the poor house, according to Mass. VR's. She was baptized with her sisters Marcy, Lois, and Lucy August 3, 1788.



Lucy LEONARD400 was born on 22 April 1777 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.21 According to Massachusetts VR's, Lucy and Marcy were both baptized August 3, 1788.



Abiel LEONARD401 was born before 8 July 1787 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA. ECL doesn't list this Abiel. I can find no further information about him.



Lois LEONARD402 was born before 3 August 1788 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.403



Marcy LEONARD404 was born before 3 August 1788 in Granville, Hampden Co., MA.405