Second Generation

10. Uriah LEONARD was born on 10 July 1662 in Raynham, Bristol Co., MA. He died about 1742 at the age of 80 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He was attacked by Indians, but escaped early in King Philip's War. Dr. Fobes in his genealogical sketch says that Uriah was riding from Taunton to the Forge and was fired upon by Indians. He plucked off his cap and swung it around to startle his his horse to gallop at full speed to the forge. Several bullets passed through the cap and into the neck of the horse.

As an adult, he lived and worked as a farmer. Very little is known about him.

Check date of death (listed in Mayflower Descendants, Disk 2, as "aft. March 1721-2." Check also children: Elizabeth and Philip not listed in Caswell genealogy; Jonathan listed.

He is listed in Thomas Leonard's Raynham Forge account books as a creditor and a debtor in the 1701-06 period.

Here's the entire quote about Uriah from the ECL manuscript:

"He was born July 10, 1662 at Raynham, the youngest son and chld of James. He married on June 1, 1685 Elizabeth Caswell, daughter of Thomas Caswell and ... Lincoln. Her brother Stephen Caswell married Hannah Thrasher, the sister of Sarah who married Benjamin Leonard, the brother of Uriah. Elizabeth Caswell was born January 10, 1664. Uriah died before 1749 aged about 80 years old. His wife's mother was probably a Lincoln as Vol 8, page 640, August 18, 1713 Bristol Co. Deeds Uriah (2) sells 20 acres of land "which he had of his grandfather Samuel Lincoln" October 2, 1712. As noted supra he sold out his interest in Whittenton Ironworks and moved up Prospect Hill and devoted himself to farming. Fobes History says that he had five sons and four daughters. Four sons lived to be over 80 years old and his daughters to be over 75 years. His youngest son Philip was accidentally shot and killed by his brother William when but two years old. The following are known children:

49. Uriah. born April 10, 1686. He died May 2, 1772 at Stoughton. He married June 12, 1708 Abigail Stone, daughter of William and Hannah (Walley) Stone. She was born July 9, 1689 and died March 31, 1769 at Stoughton, MA.

50. William. He was born ----- 1688. He died June 7, 1772. He married Anna Barney, daughter of John and Mary (Throop) Barney on August 10, 1714. She was born November 23, 1693 (Bristol VR) and died January 13, 1774.

51. Elizabeth. She was born probably about 1690. She married July 23, 1712 Joseph Atherton.

52. Margaret. She was born probably about 1692. She married November 12, 1712 Joseph White of Mansfield.

53. Seth. Born about 1694. He lived at Lyme, Conn., died July 5, 1759 at Halifax, Nova Scotia (I believe this to be in error). He married on April 18, 1728 in Easton, MA. Deborah Hall, daugher of George and Lydia (Dean) Hall. She was born February 15, 1708.

54. Jonathan. (Nothing is known about him since 1729 when he signed a petition regarding an estate.)

55. James. Born ------? He married September 27, 1739 Mary Dean of Raynham. This date (1739) evidently is an error on the Raynham record as their daughter was born in 1733. The marriage date was probably 1729. He died probably May 9, 1779 at Wrentham, to which place he had removed in 1751.

56. Philip. Born ------ 1694. Accidentally killed by his brother William November 13, 1695.

57. A daughter ?????

58. A daughter ?????

Uriah (2) the youngest child of James was born in the old House opposite the Forge at Raynham July 10, 16 62. His mother died son after probably in the spring of 1663/4. As he was the youngest he was probably the pet of the family and allowed to have his own way more than the others. His playmate was his sister Hannah who married Isaac Dean in her 17th year and who was Uriah's senior by two years. Their long lives, hers extending to 88 years and his to at least 80 years indicate their constitutions were good; no doubt they had plenty of outdoor life and left to amuse themselves to a great extent. Dr. Fobes in his genealogical sketch says that Uriah was riding from Taunton to the Forge during King Philip's War and was fired upon by the Indians; plucking his cap off he swung it around and startled his horse and in full gallop reached the forge without a wound, but several bullets were shot through the hat he had in his hand through the neck of the horse near the same. Uriah was but thirteen years old when this occurred but one bullet in five is calculated to hit in war there must have been quite a force of Indians in ambuscade and their remarkable fascination in firing at the hat is strange. (Repeated in NEHGS Register, 1851, p. 414-5)

"Once, during King Philip's War, (John Eddy's) horse was impressed for the use of Uriah Leonard, who used it to travel to Little Compton, RI, on an expedition." The Eddy Family in America, p. 660. "6 days" paid for, p. 60. Uriah was only 14 at the time. With whom and why did he go to Little Compton? With Benjamin Church? Or with his brother Thomas?

The following is in Bristol County Deeds Vol. 1, page 58.

'Uriah Leonard of Taunton in consideration of 300 pounds New England money deed to James Leonard Jr. who interest in the Ironworks called Whittenton Works in Taunton. One half par to the New Hearth with the proportionate part or interest in the tools, etc., together with one-half part of the Iron Mine bought by James Leonard, deceased at 8 mile River together with the new Cole House built on land of said Uriah, together with one-third part of the Iron Mine bought by Benjamjin Leonard at the same place, also his house lots in Taunton each of 30 acres bounded by the MIll River and land of Joseph Greys, part of said land sold by Joseph Hallstone to James Leonard, Senior part sold by Thomas Brownell to me Uriah Leonard, with two dwelling Houses, etc. also 40 acres bought of John Austin in Taunton by Daniel Fisher Jr. bounded by John Eddy, Joseph Willis, Thomas Harvey Sr. also 14 acres on the West side of Mr. Farwell's land bound by Daniel Fisher Jr. also 20 acres at Rumford near John Hodges Jr.

Wife Elizabeth releases dower dated April 10, 1699.

Memoranda: One half acre sold to Benjamin Leonard is excepted. Also a Smith's shop at Whittenton sold to Uriah Leonard. Said. James Leonard Jr. is to pay the widow of James Leonard, Senior, deceased, 600 weight in iron per annum during her life. Witnessed by Stephen Myrick, Benjamin Leonard, and Samuel Danforth.

Vol. 1, page 60. Whereas Uriah Leonard and his sister-in-law Mary Willis, former widow of Uriah's brother Joseph, now the wife of Joseph Willis, Jr. of Taunton, did some years hire 40 pounds in silver money of James Baker of Dorchester, the said Joseph Willis and Mary Willis engage to pay said Baker, they also quitclaim to Uriah Leonard. Dated December 20, 1699.

Witnessed by Thomas Leonard and Eleanor Carver (and probably Eleazer Carver).'" Was Eleazer Carver married to Experience Blake, whose sister Mary was the wife of Joseph Leonard?

A Uriah Leonard (this one?) sold to his son William, husbandman, several parcels of land in 1739. William Barney of Taunton sold to William Leonard of Taunton a piece of cedar swamp May 14, 1725.

A letter of 1899 of Thomas J. Lothrop to Lucinda Leonard Lincoln says that Uriah and Elizabeth lived on what is now Prospect Hill Street ("we used to call it Cedar Swamp Road"), near place where Abner Leonard lived.

Note that in the Dec 2007 issue of the Connecticut Nutmegger, p. 354, "Uriah's family is the least well documented of any of the sons of the immigrant James Leonard." Perez Fobes said Uriah had five sons and four daughters. Six sons and two daughters are listed here. Only four -- Uriah, Margaret, James, and William -- have primary documentation, according to the Nutmegger article. Did he also have a daughter, Abigail, who married Isaac Reed in the Griswold First Congregational Church in Preston on 4 July 1722. They lived in Norwich.

Uriah LEONARD and Elizabeth CASWELL were married on 4 June 1685 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA.38 Elizabeth CASWELL39, daughter of Thomas CASWELL and Mary LINCOLN, was born on 10 May 1665 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. She died after March 1722 at the age of 56 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Alternative birth date: Jan. 10, 1664/5, per Dorothy Stansbury Leonard.

Land record 13:316 relating to the Caswell estate mentions Uriah Leonard and wife Elizabeth, Annah Leonard (wife of William?).

Uriah LEONARD and Elizabeth CASWELL had the following children:






Lt. William LEONARD.



Elizabeth LEONARD.






Margaret LEONARD.



Philip LEONARD was born in 1694 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He died on 13 November 1695 at the age of 1 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Accidentally killed by his brother William.






Jonathan LEONARD40 was born in 1698 in Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. He died after 1729 at the age of 31. ECL: "Nothing is known about him, except that he signed a deed in 1729 showing he was in Taunton." It's strange that he doesn't otherwise appear in the records. Wife? Children? Confused with another Jonathan Leonard? Did he have a son, Lee, who received the Whittenden Iron Works at Jonathan's death in 1779? Or is that another Jonathan?