Tenth Generation

6652. John Henry LEONARD was born on 18 April 1882 in Bristol, RI.3884 He died on 25 August 1938 at the age of 56 in New York City, NY. He was buried on 29 August 1938 at Lot #979 in North Burial Ground, Bristol, R.I.. Employed: President, Dodge Textile Company . Funeral: J.H. Williams Funeral Home, East Providence . In the 1910 Census, John and Alice and family were living at 58 Union Avenue, Mount Vernon, Westchester Co., NY. John was listed as working as a clerk in shipping.

At the time he registered for the World War I draft (September 18, 1918), he was living at 46 Arnold Avenue in Cranston, RI, with his wife, Alice Vaughan Leonard and working for Bergoffen & Philip at 12 West 21st Street, New York City, as a salesman of wearing apparel. He was of medium height and medium build and had blue eyes and black hair.

His second wife was Margaret A. Leonard of Norwich, CT, where he was living when he died (second wife). He died of a heart attack while in New York City on a business trip. He was good friends with the President of Kmart, according to my uncle. He was listed as a salesman in a textile store in the 1930 Census, living with wife Margaret and stepson Frank Caskey. In the 1931 Norwich City Directory, he was listed as an apron manufacturer living at 11 Chestnut. In 1935 through 1938, he was listed as living at 328 Washington Street.

He was the former President, Dodge Textile Company; President, Leonard Division, Wentworth Corporation. He had a factory at 11-17 Chestnut St, Norwich, CT, that manufactured dresses and aprons. His wife, Margaret, was President of the Leonard Manufacturing Co., and he was Treasurer.

Funeral was at J.H. Williams Funeral Home, East Providence, RI , Second Baptist Church, East Providence, RI
Bearers at funeral: John Sitemen, William Anthony, William P. Considine, Harold Riley, Joseph Hull, and Alonzo Dodge.

He was buried in North Burial Ground in Bristol in plot with son Arthur and his wife, Lillian Horsfield, and his mother, Mary E. Healey.

He was reputed to be a very good salesman. He did not leave a good reputation with his first family. His nickname was Jack.

John Henry LEONARD and Alice Maude VAUGHAN were married about 1905 in Manhattan, New York City, NY. Alice Maude VAUGHAN, daughter of Edward VAUGHAN and Charlotte DOW, was born in October 1877 in New Jersey. She died in 1952 at the age of 75 in RI. She was born in New Jersey, according to the 1930 Census and her own record. She was head of household in the 1930 Census and living at 158 Melrose Avenue in Providence with her three daughters, Vivian, Violet, and Gwendolyn. Her father was from Wales and her mother born in New York. She was unemployed at Census time, as were her daughters. In 1950, she was living at 122 Calaman road, Auburn, Cranston, RI.

She met her husband while on vacation on Block Island. She was there with her mother.

John Henry LEONARD and Alice Maude VAUGHAN had the following children:



Arthur Henry LEONARD was born on 12 July 1906 in Providence, RI. He died on 23 March 1956 at the age of 49 in Bristol, RI. He was buried on 26 March 1956 in Lot 979, North Burial Ground, Bristol, R.I.. Undertaker was Carpenter-Jencks. Owned bars: Art Leonard's, the Palladium at Rocky Point, was friends with Bob Considine at Narragansett Brewery . The 1930 Census lists the family as living on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston. He was a photographer with his own shop. He is listed as having been born in NJ. His wife was born in RI. In 1950, he was living at 94 Auburn, Cranston, RI.

He later owned a bar on Eddy Street near Weybosset in downtown Providence and another at Rocky Point in Warwick. He was the ultimate extrovert and knew everyone in Providence, from the street sweepers to the mayor. He knew the police particularly well, and it is said he could get a traffic ticket fixed anywhere in New England.



Muriel LEONARD was born on 11 May 1908 in New Jersey. She died brain aneurysm in 1965 at the age of 57 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. She was known as Sissy. She died of a brain aneurysm. She was a very goodlooking woman and served as a face model for students at Rhode Island School of Design.



Vivien LEONARD was born on 17 June 1910 in Mt. Vernon, NY. She died on 14 January 2009 at the age of 98 in Cranston, Providence Co., RI. Still living: Cranston near Garden City . She had four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren when she passed away.



Violet "Pat" LEONARD was born on 1 February 1913 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. She died on 28 June 2013 at the age of 100 at Verra Springs Assisted Living in Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC. She was buried at Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island. She graduated from Edgewood Secretarial School and went on to become an administrative assistant at Brown University, Dupont, and Red Farm Studios. She was past president of the Edgewood (RI) Garden Club, the Cranston (RI) Women of Rotary, and the Edgewood Yacht Club Auxillary.

She was living at 3504 Flint Street, Apr. C-115, Greensboro, NC 27405, telephone 336-286-6596. (Vera Springs Assisted Living)



Gwendolyn LEONARD was born on 16 October 1914 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. She died on 28 October 2003 at the age of 89 in Mystic, CT. She lived in Barrington, RI, until 1972, when she and her husband moved to Vero Beach, FL. She was a member of the Rhode Island Country Club and the Vero Beach Country Club. She was a past president of the Barrington Garden Club.

John Henry LEONARD and Margaret A. CASKEY were married about 1937. Margaret A. CASKEY was born in 1897 in CT. She had a son from a previous marriage named Frank Caskey, b. 3 April 1917, d. 3 November 1962 in Norwich. He resided in Ledyard, New London, with wife Marion T., having lived previously before 1959 at 52 Otis St., Norwich. He was a salesman.

Margaret had a shop in Norwich, the Vogue Shop, located at 201 Franklin. It appears only in the 1937 Norwich City Directory.